Thursday, October 16, 2008

Information overload.

From 11:49 until 12:20 today, I listened to Aaron talk about socialism, capitalism, the automotive industry, law suit abuse, employer based healthcare, corporate taxes, China's economic threat to the U.S., free trade, and unions. I looked at the clock when he started talking because I enjoy being able to point out the exact amount of minutes, and sometimes hours, he just talked without me saying one word, literally. He finally stopped when my face turned red and I almost started shaking to keep from laughing. That was when he realized he might as well have been talking to Jake, who wasn't even trying to listen as he was asleep under the covers.

I wish I had hidden a camera in my house last night as Aaron and I watched the last presidential debate. I could have won money, somehow, because it was an experience. I could not have counted the number of times Aaron jumped off the couch and yelled, "That's right McCain!" or "Kelly, did you hear that? Were you listening?!" He felt the need to explain pretty much anything McCain or Obama said, which meant I was listening to a little bit of McCain and Obama and a lot of Rice. I had to politely ask Aaron to shut up a few times because it would have been nice to hear a response from the actual candidates. No matter how I look at it though, I would not have wanted to watch the debate any other way, because he is so cute when he gets fired up.

For the second debate last week, we had a few people over to our house to watch it, and I had to warn Aaron in advance that not everybody would appreciate his commentary during the debate. He did stay relatively quiet, which is why I think he was so loud last night - he had a lot of pent up political thoughts. Last night is when TiVo would have come in handy, because I could have "watched" it with Aaron, and then when I was alone, I could have actually watched the debate, although I'm not even positive I would have watched it by myself. If Aaron is good for anything, it is keeping me (and his family, friends, neighbors, classmates, and law professors) updated on the world, because I'm not sure I would have any desire to follow politics, campaigns, or the economy otherwise.

But I knew all this about Aaron before I married him, and I still married him. I love you, Mate. May we never quit having these conversations.


Aaron said...

This being about the 3rd or 4th time Kelly has made fun of me on "our" blog, I feel compelled to defend myself. What Kelly failed to mention in her post was that she intentionally prompted my last lecture. I, being the good law student I am, was taking a short break from studying in between classes, when Kelly said out of the blue; "I think Obama is going to win, and I think he will be a fine president." While I agree with Kelly that the odds are in Obama's favor at this point, I had to educate her to that fact that who we elect as our president has important implications for the direction our country heads in - it is not just whether the person has the ability to "handle" the job, or "lead the county," but what direction they lead the country in. I then went on to make the case that the U.S., being too confident in our place as the sole world superpower, has been heading in the wrong direction for years (away from the economic principles that made us a superpower) while other countries, learning from our past example, are moving in the right direction and positioning themselves to overtake us if we do not change course. I then told her why I think Obama will only sharpen our turn from the policies that have made us great, such as free-trade, free-markets, and capitalism, while McCain will try to redirect our course. By this time of course, Kelly was staring to giggle, and I realized that she had just made her remark to set me off. So, if you think that I just decided to go on a tirade for no apparent reason, you are mistaken. I was just acting as a loving husband who was deeply concerned about his wife's understanding of the impacts of elections on our great nation.

emily said...

Kelly, I am so glad you started blogging about your family. Thanks so much for sharing.
Aunt Emily