Friday, November 14, 2008

Enjoying my LAST day of unemployment.

In a few minutes, I will be bound for Jackson to help Nikki pack, organize, dejunk, and get ready to move to a new house. She is in the middle of a whirlwind of housing issues, and it makes me tired just thinking about it. I also know how much it means to have somebody help with this kind of stuff, because I had no help whatsoever. Aaron lived in Jackson this summer, so it was up to me to box up every single item in our apartment and nothing about it was fun. I'm also pretty sure that Nikki and I can make a party out of it. Maybe I'll come back tomorrow with some pictures.

Another plus is that Nikki promised she would accompany me to the movies tonight to see the new 007 movie - Quantum of Solace. I have been looking forward to this night more than anything in the whole world. I have never seen any other James Bond movies besides the last one, Casino Royale, which turned out to be one of my top three favorites. I have probably watched it 200 times.

I did accept the job I mentioned in my last post. Is it the most perfect job ever? Neh. Will it pay our bills and allow us to eat something besides cereal and grilled cheese sandwiches? Kind of. I will be working at a doctors office here in Oxford. I found the job through a friend who found it through the law school career center. I had two interviews yesterday with the doctors and the practice managers, and apparently they didn't hate me. Everybody was so nice and genuine, and I had a really long chat with the doctors about church, faith, and family. They understand that I will be there for three years max and that my husband comes first. It seems to be a good thing, and I am grateful to have a reason to get out of the house and get a good routine going.

The office is a gastroenterology clinic, which is somewhat ironic given my family background. The doctor asked me if I was comfortable discussing medical issues involving colonoscopies, diarrhea, and digestion related issues with patients. I told him between my two older brothers, my husband, and a family full of nurses, it wouldn't be a problem. He was being completely serious, and my immaturity peaked when he said the d word and I chuckled. So I would like to thank my brothers Chase and Drew and my husband for almost costing me a job. When I told Aaron about the job, he asked if I would be bringing home any weird sicknesses or diseases that he might catch.

Me: "No, it has to do with intestines, like diarrhea and stuff."
Aaron: "You can't catch diarrhea, can you?"

I'm no medical expert, so if this is true, please comment as to whether or not Aaron is in danger of catching...well, you know. I'm sorry that I said the d word three times in this post. But if you are anything like me or my family, you have smiled at least once because of it. I have a feeling that word will lose its humor once I have to start saying it professionally a million times a day. Maybe if I get really good at my job, they will promote me to doctor.

So thats it. I'm sorry if I ruined anybodys appetite.

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Anonymous said...

Hey kelly its rachel "your cuz" your mom told me yall had a blog so i googled it, and have just loved it. You are the funniest writer ever. I am very new at this(as i am a little older and not so comptuter literate). Anyway, I hope you get this. WIll just asked me what i was sitting here so long doing i said"trying to blog back to my cousin kelly" of course he is confused as well. I thought the story of you telling Aaron that obama was great and would make a great pres. was funny b/c i did the same thing ,to will,JUST AS A JOKE and i got the same lecture ha ha..its always good to learn an extra few facts when you can !!! Well i put all confindence in your hubby for a great politician!!!! We missed yall thanksgiving but definitely know how hectic things are on holidays!!! We are usually running around like crazy!! Well i have sooooooo enjoyed reading your blog and am sooo happy for how great ya'll are doing!! oh and i saw ya ya at the dollar tree today, i hope i look and feel like her when i am her age oh and have her memory!!! love you rachel and will ( oh one more thing one day you have to teach me how to do a blog we have a precious beagle and some really great pics)love again,rb