Monday, November 3, 2008

Good luck Mac!

I'm driving to Starkville tomorrow to vote because I never got around to changing my voter registration to Oxford. I am so glad this election is going to be over with, because frankly, it started getting repetitive 6 months ago. I have a bad feeling about the results, but I am confident that God understands the economy, international relations, and health care system much better than humans do. He is the ultimate say so, and that comforts me. If my man Mac does not win, he will continue to fight for us in the U.S. Senate, which still holds a good deal of power.

I wish I could regurgitate everything (or anything) that Aaron taught me in his two hour lecture tonight about election stuff, but I don't remember much of it anymore. He would be happy to discuss it with you. He would also appreciate everybody sending him texts all day tomorrow - his number is 662-418-789...well, I'm not going to finish that number out of respect for him and to protect his confidentiality rights, but if you do happen to have his number, go ahead and text him all day to get his thoughts as the results come in. (I love you, mate)

Note: Aaron and I have called each other "Mate" for about six years. It started when we were in a canoe in the pond behind the Rice's home, and he jokingly said, "Tie her up, matie." I said "Aye aye, matie!" And thats it. It will never leave us. Stupid kids.

As a sweet bonus while I am in Starkville, I get to hang out with one of my favorite people on earth, and that is my friend and former co-worker, Lana. Some of my favorite memories in my entire life came from hanging out with her.

Also, on a side note, I have an job interview on Wednesday morning. I know nothing about the company or the industry, so it is a LONG shot, but as mentioned before, I will do pretty much anything. Here is a hint about what kind of job it is: bricks. Oh the many ways I can make fun of myself if I actually get a job involving bricks. Let us not get our hopes up. I am sure it is nothing, but it is a good self esteem booster.

Hopefully, next time I write I will be congratulating the Mac Attack on his victory, but who knows. I'm doing my part, and I trust anybody who reads this will do theirs!

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