Monday, February 16, 2009

New job update.

I arrived at my new place of work at 8:30 this morning, and at 10:00 I sent Aaron a text message that read, "Oh my gosh. What did I get myself into." I felt like I was in a foreign country and incredibly ignorant when every single one of my sentences resembled "What does (fill in the blank) mean?" I was asked to do something today, and apparently it was easy enough for the attorney to feel like I could handle it, and I responded by telling him that I literally did not have a clue what he just asked me to do. I can't even give examples because I didn't comprehend anything enough to include them in my vocabulary yet. 

With all that being said, I really, really like this job. I can tell in the very near future I will be freaking awesome. I just need to learn the job, vocab, policies, and what not, and then maybe I will be of some value to the firm. Toward the very end of the day, I think I started to get a somewhat vague idea of what I will be doing, and it seems cool. It is interesting to think that my work will have such a direct impact on people and their lifestyles. It is also interesting to think that my mistakes will have such a direct impact on people and their lifestyles. I can't give too many details about my first day of work because it was mainly a big blur and I didn't know what I was doing to be able to reflect on it. The good news is that the attorney is very patient with me and I can ask him questions all day long without him getting annoyed, or at least he doesn't show it. 

The biggest difference in this job and my not so awesome Gastro job is that when I got home tonight, I was in very jolly spirits. I am not tired or frustrated and I did not get yelled at or cussed at and I got to take an entire hour for my lunch break (as opposed to 30 min). So, even though I won't be able to blog about the glory of the colon anymore, I am so happy where I am now. I still don't think I have any idea as to what I got myself into, but I'll be a rock star non-lawyer in no time. As soon as I know what the heck I'm supposed to be doing, I'll update more. Until then, I will keep asking questions such as "What exactly is a mortgage?" Yes...I asked this today.

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mom said...

Kelly, you will do fantastic- I think you will catch on quick and be very good at what you do.