Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ryan returns and the Rices reunite.

It is a Saturday night, and I have yet to do one thing that is productive and I'm pretty sure at this point that anything that would qualify as productive is not going to happen today. But this is good, and I'm very content experiencing a day in the life of Jake. I realized about an hour ago that I had not brushed my teeth today, and then I spent the hour debating whether or not it was even worth it since the day is pretty much over. I told Aaron that I had not brushed my teeth today, and he replied by saying, "Hmm, I don't think I did either." What a life. Not only did I fail to brush my teeth, but I stuffed my face with all things unhealthy, laid on the couch, took naps and played on facebook all day. I thought about getting up and taking Jake for a walk, but the idea of having to put shoes on and take steps just mentally wore me out. 

Here is the short version of what we've been up to. Last weekend, Aaron and I met friends and family at the Jackson airport to welcome Ryan home from his deployment to Iraq. 

Yes, the sign Haley is holding reads "My uncle is a NINJA" because that is exactly what Ryan is now. He earned his black belt in MCMAP (Marine Corps Martial Arts Program), and this pretty much means a completely unarmed Ryan Rice is an extremely eminent danger to the enemy. In other words, he makes Chuck Norris look like a ballerina. We all left the airport and went straight to the Crawdad Hole where we ate, you guessed it, crawfish. LOTS of crawfish, for lunch, a snack, and then again for dinner. 

On Saturday, in order to squeeze every second of quality time in with Ryan, we (and by we, I mean me, Aaron, Haley, Hannah, Audrey, Austin, and Emma) accompanied him to all of the errands he had to run. He tried to hint to us more than once that we didn't have to come with him to Cellular South, the mall, etc. because it would be boring to us, but I'm pretty sure he knew that having an entourage of eight people following him around all day is less than enticing. But along we went, and of course, had a stellar time. After an entire day of running around town, we got to finish the day off with a big bowl of shrimp curry from who else but Chef Randy Rice. We stuffed our bellies and went down to the pier where we um, eh, had fun getting to hang out some more. 

Check out the rest of Ryan's homecoming pictures here. And there are more pictures from Audrey and Austin's camera that are spectacular, so as soon as they quit being turds and put them on Facebook, I'll post them here. 

On Sunday morning we went to church as a family, and it was so nice. It has been a while since we have taken up an entire pew. We worshipped together and heard a sermon that I am still thinking about. And to top it off, Randy Rice cooked an award winning Easter lunch with a trophy turkey and the creamiest, most delicious mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli and mushrooms that my taste buds have ever experienced. We all pretty much had to roll off our chairs and crawl to the couch where we participated in a group nap. And then Sunday afternoon came and went and Aaron and I had to begin our five hour drive back to Oxford. And we chose to leave exactly when torrential rain poured from the sky which extended our five hour drive to almost seven hours. Awesome. 

I had a long and seemingly never ending week at work and Aaron has the weight of the world on his shoulders trying to get through finals, so it only makes since that we would be sloths this weekend. We spent about an hour last night on YouTube watching this video. And then we walked around all day today acting like the flamingos in the video with that music stuck in our heads. And I'm going to continue my night by watching my one of my two favorite movies of all time, Sister Act II (Grease is my favorite just in case you had to know). Aaron just doesn't understand why I tear up every single time I watch it but he doesn't appreciate true cinematic brilliance like I do. Jake has slept at least 20 hours today - what a man. 

Before I end this post I'm trying to think if I left anything out. I haven't blogged in several weeks so one would think I would have a lot to write about, but I guess that just isn't the case. I'm going to give Whoopi my undivided attention now. I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Sister Act II: "You are here to impress the judges with your voice, not your hiney."

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