Saturday, May 2, 2009

Letter to my father in law.

Dear Mr. Rice,

In case you haven't heard, your son and I will be making another trip down to the Burg to join the family for Mother's Day weekend. I realize we were just there about three weekends ago, so this is probably not terribly exciting news to you. But I am very excited about it, because I'm already thinking about the food. Since we will be celebrating Mother's Day, I feel like I need to let Mrs. Rice choose the Sunday lunch menu (but I would be glad to help her if she would like). 

Now I am not sure if this was in the agenda for the weekend or not, but I would like to propose a Saturday dinner as well. Aaron and I had a pretty lengthy discussion last night about what we would like, and we were able to come to a nice compromise. Humor me if you will:

Roast with horseradish sauce, grilled to perfection, as usual
Mashed potatoes (I realize this is kind of risky, because mashed potatoes are definitely a hot Sunday lunch item, but I'm just being honest, it would be very great with this meal. I can think of another dish if push comes to shove. Perhaps baked potatoes?)
Sweet tea

Aaron wanted to make sure to include the roast and horseradish sauce. And I want to make sure asparagus is in the picture. We are pretty flexible about everything else, besides the potatoes, rolls, and sweet tea. If a Saturday meal was not on the agenda, well, I guess that is okay. But I will bribe, beg on my knees, kick and scream, obnoxiously call you in 30 minute increments this entire week, and continue to publicly blog about you. I could even put you on a massive guilt trip, and mention how your meals bring the family together for food and fellowship and the family becomes a stronger unit with each meal, but I won't go there unless I find out we are not going to have a Saturday dinner. We can even compromise - you make the meal and I'll bring the ice cream. With all that being said, it is your decision, and we will respect it. Unless you say no. 

Our plan is to be in the Burg around 2:00, so if you need us to stop by Walmart, don't hesitate to call. I would say we are open to other menu suggestions from the rest of the family, but that is simply not the case. I might humor Haley and listen to her opinion, but only because I feel sorry that she won't be there, because she is in the desert. 

We look forward to seeing you. 

Love always,

P.S. Jake will be coming with us. 

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Haley said...

Kelly, stop blogging about all the good food I am going to miss. That is going to be some meal, I bet. I will try not to cry thinking about it. Also, I guess I do have to blog now that you did.