Friday, October 9, 2009

Less than stellar updates.

1. Aaron has reached the halfway point of the semester, which means in about 2 months, he will be halfway through law school, which means in almost one and a half years, he will graduate law school and never have to be a student again. I repeat - never have to be a student again. After 23 years of on and off studenthood, we can put to rest the old backpack. Hallelujah.

2. I have finally made the big crossover into my third trimester, which means we could welcome Clark in as little as 10 weeks (or as long as 14 weeks). One would think we would be ready, seeing as how time flies, right? Wrong. Yes, we have a crib that is great and beautiful. But the crib is sitting in our bedroom because we have yet to establish a room that will belong to Clark. I kind of, sort of, in a very unproductive way started to clean out the closet in the room that we have chosen to be his, but somehow everything that was in the closet just ended up on the floor in the hallway. Now our hallway hosts items such as Aaron's hunting gear, our snowboarding clothes, a couple of bike helmets, a rifle or two, several "memory boxes" that date back to fourth grade, and last year's halloween costumes. Like I said, unproductive.

Sooner or later, we are going to have to take the plunge and get serious about cleaning out that room. I think in our minds, we are convinced that if we are patient enough, we will come home one day and we will have an empty room that didn't include heavy lifting, breaking down heavy furniture, unloading gigantic law books from the bookshelf, taking huge deer heads off the wall (yes, Aaron, we are going to take them down), or cleaning the carpet that Jake treats as if his personal fire hydrant. All of a sudden, we will blink and the crib, a changing table, rocking chair, and cute baby things will fill the room and we didn't have to anything. Well, that's not going to happen. Unless of course some dear family and friends want to make this a reality. We will totally act surprised and let you babysit Clark or Jake anytime you want.

On that note, we are in a serious bind about what to do with our office furniture. We found a beautiful matching desk and bookshelf a little over a year ago and we hate to get rid of it, but our options are limited. Aaron wins the Husband Of The Year Award (for the 500th time this year) for making the sacrifice and letting us keep our guest bedroom, which I foresee being used much more often than it is right now because Clark's fan club will need somewhere to set up shop for a little while. We either want to find a loving family who will store it for us for two years or so until we move into a house with an extra room, or a loving family who wants to buy it from us at a very reasonable price. What is not an option at this point is us paying to store it ourselves, because Oxford and surrounding towns charge the same rent for a 5 feet wide storage shed as a 3 bedroom condo on the Square. Below is the desk and bookshelf:

There is also a huge, plush leather chair that goes behind the desk, but we didn't have it at the time this picture was taken. If anyone out there is interested in either buying or temporarily borrowing a huge L-shaped office desk and bookshelf, send me an email or give me a ring.

Anyway, whether we are ready or not, Clark will be our roommate in the very near future, and it would be a good idea for Aaron and I to quit being lazy turds. Well, I'm not lazy, I'm just so ding dang huge that I can't pick something up off the floor without moaning and groaning and bellyaching about backaches. That leaves Aaron doing the physical labor and I'll point fingers and laugh at him and take pictures so I can write about it later. I'm never going to win the Wife Of The Year Award. On second thought, I am birthing a child for the man, so maybe he'll surprise me with a special award.

3. MSU Homecoming. Raining. 65 degrees. That's where we will be and the weather we will be in all day tomorrow. If I get the swine flu, I'm taking Aaron's award back because somehow he talked me into it. I'm sure he wants me to go so bad because I am a guaranteed designated driver, but I'd like to think I'm more valuable than that. I'll let you know.

4. Next week Aaron and I begin our childbirthing classes at the hospital. Question: do they really make you watch a video of a woman giving birth? Because Aaron will surely pass out and we will have to leave the class and go down to the emergency room to bring him back to life. And that would be a total waste of $75.00. Please advise so we know whether or not to bring a paper bag for him to breathe into if needed.

5. Next weekend, we will head down to Jackson to attend the wedding festivities for Hannah and Daniel. I am beyond excited for them and can't wait to see their creative and unique touch in the wedding details. Another benefit is that the entire Rice family will be together again and it might be the last time Clark gets to see some of them as a fetus. That sounds strange, but it's true.

6. Belly is getting huge. See pictures below for proof.

25 weeks

26 weeks

27 weeks


Marty Cooper said...

You are so cute! I quit my job, so i can help if you need me!! Let me know when...

Maybe you should host a "Friends, help us get ready for Clark day!"

Megan said...

Too cute!

Deb said...

OH, KELLY!!! I love your belly!

Jimbo and Rach said...

Congrats on your transition into the 3rd trimester! Sorry we missed ya'll at Homecoming today, but we just could not make the 3 hour drive for the 3rd weekend in a row. And Jimbo said he would give you a wife of the year award...haha!