Friday, June 25, 2010

Almost time to say good bye.

Our time on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is sadly coming to an end. We have to be packed up and out of here by Wednesday at noon, which only gives the Tank and I two more days of soaking in the sun by a pool or on the beach. We've gotten so spoiled by having a beautiful pool less than three feet from our front door that I'm guessing we're going to have to trespass our way on to one of the three billion apartment complexes in Oxford and use their pool for the rest of the summer. We've had so much fun over the past six weeks and it has been a dream living here. We've spent a ton of time together as a family and Arnie has gotten some awesome legal experience during his clerkship.

A few things worth noting while we've been here:
-We ate a lot of roast beef sandwiches. Probably about 300. And I honestly think we went out to eat a grand total of five times while we were here.
-I made good, healthy meals with very basic ingredients and we ate dinner together every night. -We didn't watch much tv.
-We did rent a lot of movies.
-Clark the Shark got sweet potatoes and carrots on the wall and carpet and we're probably going to have to pay for it.
-Arnie got some new swim trunks for Fathers Day but probably won't get to use them while we are here.
-We got to spend some fun times with my brother and his wife.
-Aaron's preferred beer of the summer was Guinness. Gross.
-Arnie spent one weekend here.
-I spent two.
-Even though I vowed not to travel while we were here, we did anyway.
-Clark started eating solids while we were here.
-We went to a casino one time.
-We didn't gamble.
-I started The Shred again.
-The Dark Shark started trying really hard to talk.
-Specifically, he figured out how to make the "L" sound. It's pretty dadgum cute.
-It was freaking hot here.
-At one point, the temperature thing in my car said it was 106. Degrees, that is.
-There was no oil while we were here.
-Clark the Dark Shark took great naps.
-I became very familiar with the Winn Dixie in Biloxi. It didn't have designated spots in the parking lot to leave your buggy. They expected you to bring it all the way back into the store. That didn't happen. I made my own designated spot in the parking lot and left my buggy. I used to curse people who did that but I didn't feel right about leaving Clark alone in the car while I tried to abide by the stupidest rule on the planet.
-There is not a Super Walmart in Biloxi. Blasphemy.
-Arnie and I watched all three seasons of Breaking Bad and I watched three seasons of Entourage.
-We went for walks on the beach almost every day.
-The Shark enjoyed putting his toes in the ocean.
-He does not like the process of putting sunscreen on.
-The non-Super Walmart didn't have his size in the little swimmer diaper things, so I had to go one size up. If Clark were to poop in the pool, I don't know that the diaper would have done its job and we would be swimming with the poop.
-We had some really cool neighbors that got really excited every time they saw Clark. Their names were RJ and Joan.
-We went to a really cute church the first Sunday we were there and met some nice folks.
-We watched a lot of Dragon Tails and Sid the Science Kid.
-I ate a lot of Baked Cheetos.
-Arnie looked really cute everyday.
-He did a ridiculous amount of legal research and writing.
-Watching Clark splash around in the water has to be my top five favorite activities.
-We had to keep the drain in the bathtub and sink down so that sand roaches couldn't shimmy up the pipe and into our condo.
-The washer/dryer was so small I could only wash one towel at a time.
-Aaron really needs some new boxers.
-The Shark Tank really needs some new onesies that fit.
-We miss the stew out of Jake the Snake.
-Before we go home, I want to go on one shopping spree to the outlet mall in Gulfport and do some shopping.
That pretty much sums up our time down here on the coast. We've enjoyed every second of it. However, I must admit that I'm really excited about being home. There is seriously no place like home. I miss our big king sized bed and our bathroom with two sinks. And Clark misses his crib. And I sincerely miss our washer and dryer. And did I mention how bad I miss Jake? I'd like to give a big shout out to Ryan Rice for being awesome and housesitting and taking care of my Jake while we've been gone.

Biloxi, Mississippi, you have been great to us. You gave us great tans, great times, and great memories. Thanks for letting us stay with you for a while. We'll most certainly be back to visit soon.


The Trobough's said...

I can't believe there was no oil there! Craziness! I know y'all are ready to get home...I've been on vacation with WC for 2 weeks and I miss my bed. And my husband! And my dog.....

daniel said...

what a great read.