Sunday, July 18, 2010

Clark in his Shark Tank

Clark finally got to use his shark tank aka $10 hippo pool from Walmart and as expected, he loved it. He handled it like a grown man, that is after he spent the first three minutes shreaking like a little girl at an incredibly high pitch volume because the water was a bit chilly. But once he got used to it, I could tell he was in deeply in love.

He splashed violently and unapologetically. He dunked that little blue and yellow polka dotted rubber ducky to its death. This was the first time the Shark was able to explore water uninhibited by a bulky floatation device, and I could tell he was finally home.

Jake took the opportunity to hydrate because he knows there is a 75% chance his water bowl in the house is empty. Because it always is. Because I'm a bad pet owner and know that the more water he drinks, the higher the chances are that he will pee. In my house. On my rug. Clark and Jake had a dadgum good time hanging out in the shark tank together and I suppose it is worth the additional pee stain in my living room.

And Jake used all of his newfound hydrated energy to frolic in the yard a bit. I think maybe, just maybe, I saw him pee in the yard. Do you have any idea how excited that made me? It kind of reminded me of his sweet, welcomed puppy days. I love him, but sometimes I want to shoot him in the rump with a low powered bb gun. Please don't come to my house, Oxford Animal Control.
And no trip to the shark tank could be complete without Bek. Bek is Rebekah, Clark's aunt-to-be in 27 days. Clark and Bek have gotten to be really good friends and she is the world's best at entertaining a grumpy shark when he skips a nap, which happens often these days. It is risky business jumping in a shark tank, but she did it without hesitation. Just like she did when Aaron's friend Austin threw Jake in a pond and she jumped in after him to rescue him from his very close and pending death. Mark your calendars, friends. Rebekah is marrying Ryan Rice on August 14 and that day will be epic. We are more than ready for her to be an official Rice woman because she is kind of awesome.

Before Clark got to lounge in his tank, he got to spend some much needed quality time with his long lost buddy Jackson, who was born 48 hours before Clark. They have been best friends since the minute they were born. Actually, they started hanging out a lot nine months before they were born. I just know these two are going to go cause mayhem one day, and I think this only because I know their fathers. And I say that with the utmost respect to Aaron and Stephen.

And when the day is all said and done, there's nothing like hanging out on a pee stained rug bum naked. In recent news, Clark can officially be classified as a crawler. No more locomoting, or inchworming for this guy, because he's got moves now. I don't think he could win a race yet, but give him a few days. He's quite impressive.


The Trobough's said...

Those sweet cheeks need a big ole' kiss!!!!

Haley said...

That picture of Rebekah in the shark tank cracks me up. So glad Clark likes his hippo pool. He is super cute in it ... very serious looking. :)

Melissa said...

Clark is an absolute delight to read about! He is so cute and I can already tell he is going to be a heart-breaker--look out girls!

Just recently started reading your blog, thanks to your friend Megan and I am loving it! Your wit and humor at the everyday happenings of life is great! Can't wait to hear more about what you, Aaron, Clark, and Jake are up to. :)

Jimbo and Rach said...

I really need to see this little man again soon! He is just too cute not to see in person every month!