Thursday, July 22, 2010

Still trying to figure this mom thing out.

As much as I love sunrises, they are something I only want to see by choice. For the past week, Clark has made that decision for me by choosing the 5 o'clock hour to make his morning debut. I have tweaked his day schedule in every possible way trying to get him to sleep until at least 6:30 but so far I've been extremely unsuccessful. I try not to complain because he sleeps 11 hours at night, but dadgum, by the time breakfast rolls around my face is in my bowl of cereal sound asleep and Clark is in his high chair making fun of me.

I've tried keeping him up later at night but that is miserable for everybody involved. I tried putting him down earlier. Nope. I've tweaked his nap schedule. Nope. If there are ANY suggestions or tips out there in the world, please give me a shout. It would be most appreciated. And no, Aaron, I'm not going to start drinking coffee to make the mornings easier.

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Haley said...

Whenever Kate goes through a getting up too early phase, I have to go through this annoying process. It isn't fast, but it eventually works for her. I just leave her in there. Now if she were up at 5, it's not like I'm going to leave her in there until 7, but I would try to leave her a little longer each day. Gradually it seems to adjust her wake time to something more reasonable. It seems like she just figures I'm not going to come get her, so she might as well go back to sleep. This tends to happen the most for us after travel. And you're right, keeping them up later at night doesn't help. If anything, when Kate goes to sleep late, she wakes up early. WHY IS THAT? Hope Clark has some mercy on you soon. 5 a.m. is painfully early.