Saturday, December 11, 2010

DPP: Day 10

Welcome back Arnie!

After what seemed like decades, I finally got my husband back! He went into hibernation sometime in late October to get ready for exams and write papers and it was an extremely rare moment when we got to spend stress free time together. It has been like this at the end of every semester since he started law school in August of 2008, but this one seemed particularly rough and I kind of missed him all the dadgum time. The good news is this could potentially be the last rough semester of Aaron's life, because next semester (repeat: last semester EVER), will supposedly be a cake walk compared to previous ones. And then he will graduate and we can have 12 more babies. Its going to be great.

To celebrate, we ate sushi and rented a movie. And when it was over, I did not say goodbye to Aaron because he did not have to go right back to the library to study. It was wonderful. I'm delighted to have the hubs back and start our last Christmas break ever together.

Congratulations for being awesome Aaron Randall Rice!

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Deb said...

Congratulations to two of the most awesome sweethearts I know!!!