Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DPP: Day 14

Tonight I left Clark in the hands of my awesome friend Amy and her 11.5 month old son Jackson while I spent the evening playing bunco with some of the gals in my neighborhood. I honestly didn't know what to expect from Clark being up way past his bedtime but I needed a little gal pal time so I risked it. Amy said she had Clark and Jackson in the tub together and when Jackson playfully splashed a little water in Clark's face, he freaked out and acted scared of Jackson and avoided him for the entire night. It's good to know I have a little pansy on my hands. Next on my motherly agenda is to toughen him up and splash water in his face until he can act like a man about it. That's a joke. Kind of. But seriously.

When I picked him up at about 8:15 I could tell he was completely exhausted and Amy said he had been fighting sleep like a champion for about 30 minutes. He fell asleep within .5 seconds of me putting him in the car and slept the whole way home. On the way home, I had to slow down and swerve to miss two cows because they were chilling in the middle of the road with zero intentions of moving. Only in Taylor, Mississippi do cow owners let their cows roam free. Anyway, when we got home I put him straight to bed and watched him flop around in his crib until he found a comfortable position. He fell asleep immediately and I was completely struck by how sweet and perfect he is.

It was at that moment that I had an out of body experience and couldn't stop myself from climbing into his crib, putting my arm around him and snuggling the crap out of him. He instinctively nestled in close to me and I could feel his breath on my face and I decided that was the happiest and sweetest moment in my entire life. I laid there with Clark in my arms for almost 30 minutes and then realized if I didn't exhibit some sort of self control I would spend the entire night in a baby crib and quite possibly do the same thing every night for the rest of my existence. So I ungracefully removed myself from the situation and barely woke him up in the process but that gave me one last chance to kiss his hand and tell him night night.

I know he wouldn't have let me do that if he hadn't been so completely exhausted from staying up so late, so really I owe those 30 minutes of what was the closest thing to heaven I have ever experienced to Amy. He might have been a complete turd at her house but I got the really good end of the deal at the end of the night. So thanks Amy!

You see the space to the left of Clark?

That's where I spent the best part of my evening.

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