Tuesday, December 7, 2010

DPP: Day 7

I'm staying strong with the December Photo Project, which surprises me more than anybody after that last marathon post, only for today I have another video.

There many days I dislike Jake. I definitely disliked him this evening when I came home and spotted a few turds in the hallway. The dog is five years old and let go of any potty training skills he learned as a young pup. He barks at every leaf that falls on the ground. He freaks the heck out if somebody walks by. He's gassy. He licks Jake in the mouth and that really is disgusting. He barks every single time we walk in the door. He makes it miserable to invite someone over because they will spend the first fifteen minutes of their visit being yapped at by a little white nuisance.

But Clark thinks he walks on water. Jake is Clark's best friend. So as much as it pains me to admit it, I kind of have to like him too but only because he makes Clark smile. And laugh, as you'll in this video.

Before you watch it, pay close attention to the complete disgustingness that is my house because its not embarrassing at all. Also, you might notice some continuity in Clark's sock situation.

Ok, I've said too much.

1 comment:

RT said...

Oh my goodness, Clark is too cute! I love his interactions with the dog. :)