Thursday, February 24, 2011

Photo Edition

The last time I posted a picture was December 19, and Clarkimus Maximus has changed a lot in the past two months. I'm assuming we have friends and family out there who want to see what we have been up to, so I hereby dedicate this entire post to many photos and very little of my jibberish. This is bound to be lengthy so one should brace oneself for the lengthiness. Great sentence, Kelly. Great sentence.

We recently invited ourselves to Nashville to hang out with Hannah and Daniel a few weeks ago and had a blast. It was an absolutely delightful five hour drive because on the morning of the trip, I made a last minute excursion to the Walmarts to procure a portable dvd player and three Sesame Street dvd's. We set that bad boy up and Clark fixated on Elmo pretty much the entire time.

We stopped at the Casey Jones museum to stretch our legs and let Jake pee.
Aaron may or may not have had to explain to me who Casey Jones was.

Clark drank some orange soda at a mini ice cream parlor.
It was dadgum cute.

And of course we stood in line in the snow to eat at Pancake Pantry.
Clark ate his first pancake and I hope he doesn't think all pancakes taste that good.
Because one day, he'll have to eat mine and I'm afraid he'll be disappointed.

Aaron and Daniel played a lot of XBox 360.
And we all played a lot of Wii, and I am hooked.
Mom, Daddy, anybody, I want a Wii for Christmas. Thanks.

I still sneak in Clark's room after he goes to sleep and take pictures.
I wonder if thats weird. Seems creepy. I wonder if Aaron does that to me?

Meet our Clark. He's cute and perfect and has pretty teeth.

When I look at this picture, which I do forty seven times everyday, I get emotional.
Because when I look at this picture, it is way too easy for me to visualize what he'll look like as a four year old.

How cute is this hat? I bought it in Nashville at the cute shop where Hannah works.
It might be my favorite Clark purchase to date.

The pictures below were taken this afternoon. I LOVE days like today.
It was a beautiful, breezy day and we tried to soak in as much Vit D as possible.

Does this picture make your heart melt? It does mine.

Look at me getting creative with my camera!
You might have to tilt your head to the right to see it clearly.

He wasn't posing in this picture.
I was jumping up and down and screaming his name and he looked at me like I was crazy. Looks like someone need to comb his hair.

Love this. Love this. Love this.

Look at my boy. And look at Jake's rear end in the background.

I apologize if I just made your heart remelt.
I can't help the sweetness of my life.

Clark showing off his grill.
Oh, and I want you to pay special attention to his new kicks.
Aaron's best friend and former roommate, Austin Johnson, bought him these sweet New Balances for his birthday.

He previously had New Balances (also bought by his Uncle Austin), but he grew out of them and I think his toenails are permanently crooked because I neglected to buy him new shoes.
Now he totally rocks the size five shoe.

Is anybody as jealous as I am about this kid's perfect head of hair?
I would kill for locks like these.

You're almost done. Hang in there. Finish the race you started.

The next several pictures are Clark in the nude. But he's one, so its ok.

After a bath, it is tradition that he spend at least thirty minutes naked.
Its good for the soul. For a one year old's soul. Not yours.

And of course, torturing Jake while naked is important too.

One of Clark's favorite things to do these days is point to animals in his Bible and have us repeat what it is over and over and over and over and over again.
Hippo, Hippo, Hippo, Elephant, Elephant, Elephant, Doggy, Doggy, Doggy....

Do I even need to say anything about this one? Nikki, what are your thoughts?

Until next time,
The Rices

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Ohhhhhhh! I love these shots of my sweet, cute Aaron Rice family!