Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two creepy deer and a little boy who makes me smile.

This is ridiculous, right?

First, and most importantly, will somebody please tell me why these two animals must be propped up on our living room couch pillows, and why I have to entirely avoid the side of the house where they are currently located because, well, frankly, they creep me out?

It's like a stampede of monster bucks burst through the carpeted floor and got stuck, and when Aaron found them he wanted them to be comfortable so he provided them with some nice pillows to lie on.

It's a good thing that in the very near future, they will be removed from their comfortable positions on my couch cushions and placed on a wall in Aaron's office where I don't have to look at them anymore. It's also probably a good thing Clark or Griffin won't have a dead deer on their wall staring at them as they sleep. I'm expecting Clark to need a therapist in about 10 years when he develops a problematic inability to sleep without being stared out by a dead animal. But that is neither here nor there.

And in case you haven't had your Clark fix lately...

And because everybody deserves to see a sleeping Clark...

I feel bad for anybody who isn't me. Although I wouldn't expect many people to envy me, who is currently sitting on a cushionless couch so that two dead deer may rest in peace in Griffin's future room.

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