Thursday, June 28, 2012

Superfluous notes.

Last week I wrote a long post about Clark's potty training victories. I was so proud that he did it accident-free and we never had to experience any poop-on-the-floor-of-a-public-building scenarios. But I want you to know that two days after I published that post, Clark's record was severely tarnished while we were in a very public place. We chose a Mexican restaurant for dinner. Mistake. About five minutes into our meal, Clark OUT OF NOWHERE threw up all over his plate and then followed it up with a large release of urine that traveled all the way down his leg and landed happily in a glorious puddle on his chair. What the what? He didn't even attempt to hold it in. He had to sit in his soaked undies for the rest of the meal because I didn't feel like doing anything about it. Oh well. He is no longer undefeated. No biggy. Life goes on.

As I type, Clark is making himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. This process involves dipping his entire hand in the jelly jar and grabbing as big a handful as possible, and then repeating in the peanut butter jar, and then stuffing his face with both ingredients. Bread not necessary. And guess who gets to clean up this nonsense? Aaron does when he gets home from five hours. Clark can sit in this filth he created until then. I don't want to deal with it. 

Speaking of swimming pools, he has made HUGE strides in his fear of water. I realize you might have had no idea he is deathly afraid of any body of water, including small water puddles. Well he is and I get a serious case of the blues when I think too hard about it. But recently, and after one thousand attempts on my part, he has learned to embrace the pool and have a pleasant time. He went from refusing to put even his pinky toe in the water to (just yesterday) jumping off the side of pool into my arms and squealing with delight. I'm so happy about this that I also squeal with delight. In September, we will be joining more Rice's, Meigs, and Wachdorfs in Destin for an epic family reunion and that will be the ultimate test of Clark's water bravery. If he can handle putting his feet or even playing in the ocean, I will be even more convinced he is absolutely without flaw. 

Has anybody ever played the Wikipedia game? Or the game? It is a really fun game that Aaron and I play thirteen times everyday. The basic rule of the game is this: Aaron says a word. I tell Aaron that he made up that word and it doesn't exist. Aaron pulls out his iPhone and types it in to the respective app and if it is a word, he wins. If not, I win. It gets intense and sometimes we place bets. This is what you need to know about these games: Sadly, I have never won. But I have very high hopes that one day I will challenge him and he will wither to the ground when Wikipedia or informs him a word doesn't exist. Last night we had to play when Aaron randomly threw out the word "superfluous." What a stupid word. Why couldn't he just use the word "unnecessary?" He's such a nerd and sometimes or all the time I make fun of him to his face and behind his back. 

For the past month, Aaron and I have become the most unproductive citizens in the United States of America. The reason is because we discovered Mad Men, which is undeniably the most brilliant tv series I have ever watched. When Aaron gets home at night, we collaborate as a team and do everything we can to throw Clark and Griffin in their beds as early as possible so we can watch at least three or four hours of Mad Men. It is addicting and I eat one, two, or three ice cream sandwiches while we watch it. I would not recommend starting it unless you have zero responsibilities to tend to. 

That's about it for now. What a colossal waste of time writing this substance-lacking blog post. I could probably keep going with more of the ridiculousness but Old Man Grif just woke up and I'm dying to pick him up and play with him. He's so cool and so his his big brother, who I never cleaned the residual peanut butter and jelly off of before I put him down for a nap. Maybe next time there will be something decently interesting to write about, but probably not. Enjoy the oppressively hot weekend that is awaiting us! 

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