Monday, October 8, 2012

Clark's punkin patch.

This past Friday morning will be etched in my memory for a long, long time. We met up with several other ladies and babies from our church and caravanned to a fun little pumpkin patch about 20 minutes from our house. I mentioned in passing to Clark the night before that we were going to the pumpkin patch the next morning and for some reason, he got so so so excited, which confused me because I'm not even sure he knew what a pumpkin was until we got there. He woke up Friday morning saying, "Mama! Let's go to the punkin patch! I'll wear my jams and Griffin can wear his jams and we can go to the punkin patch together!" 

The weather was bloody hot but it was beautiful. Clark and Jackson implemented their self-imposed version of the buddy system from the get go and did not let each other out of their sight the entire time. They are a really cute duo. I can't wait to see the trouble they get into one day. Lord help us all. 
The buddy system at work. 
The entire group loaded up onto a hayride pulled by a huge green manly tractor that I think Clark is still daydreaming about to this day. We rode by animals and catfish ponds and sunflower fields and then stopped by the pumpkin patch to pick out the pumpkin that we would get to take home and love and cherish forever. Clark had a goofy ear-to-ear grin on his face the entire time. He loved the hay, the cows, the pig that he got touch, the turkey that gobbled at him, the 'punkins', the tractors everywhere, and having his friends all in one place. 

Clark gets up close and personal with a cow. 

One of my favorite things about my group of friends is our mutual agreement and understanding that we all have the right to discipline each others kids accordingly. I completely trust them to correct Clark in whatever way they feel necessary and I can do the same with their kiddos. So when Clark and Jackson started throwing kernels of corn all over the world even after being told not to about seven million times, since Amy was the closest, she got to do the disciplining. It's a good thing I didn't have to do it or else I wouldn't have gotten these fun pictures. Enjoy the following sequel of events I managed to capture: 
Clark and Jackson throwing kernels of corn after being told not to. 
More throwing of kernels of corn after repeatedly being told not to. 
Amy getting onto Clark and Jackson for throwing kernels of corn. 
Jackson very sad after being put in time out for continuing the throwing of corn.  
Amy laughing at Jackson for throwing a small tantrum after being put in time out for  all of the corn throwing. 
Griffin also had a good old time. He enjoyed eating the hay, chewing on the hay, and more eating of the hay. He got to spend a lot of quality time with his special lady friend, Callie, who happens to be Jackson's little sister. Griffin and Callie will grow up together just like their older brothers. Do we see wedding bells in the future? Maybe. Hope so. She's a beauty. 
Callie and Grif giving some hugs.

On the hayride with old man Grif. 
Grif chewing on some hay. 
Clark and Jackson picking out the perfect punkin. 
So handsome. For some reason, when I look at this picture it gives me a glimpse into what he might look like as a teenager. 
Clark's pumpkin looks perfect on one side. But if you turn it around, you will discover the bruised, moldy side. Clark thought it was perfect so now it continues to mold on our front porch. 
Amy and I with the future Mr. and Mrs. Griffin Rice :)
These guys. Inseparable.
My boys.  
And Clark finished up the day with a little tractor driving. 
We always have so much fun with the ladies and kids in my church. We have a fairly young congregation and I am almost certain the kids outnumber the adults in a big way, so the outings and events are always chaotic and loud and smelly but always, always great. I am blessed to be surrounded by other women who are just as serious about building a solid biblical foundation in my kids hearts as they are their own children. 

The punkin patch was a huge succeess! A father/son camping trip is coming up, and if Aaron and Clark are able to go, I have no doubt it will be epic. I might have to tag along just to hide in the trees and take pictures of the madness. 

Stay turned for a post about a very eventful trip to the state fair with Clark, Jackson, Griffin and Callie. It was nothing short of hilariously awesome. 

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Amber said...

looks like a fun time! I hate that we missed all the fun during the pumpkin patch.