Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun facts about Aaron, Kelly, and Jake:

- Loves strawberry-kiwi Propel.
- Cannot iron without cursing.
- Is very gassy.
- Never puts toothbrush in toothbrush holder.
- Never puts anything in the sink, but on the edge of the sink, or even the counter next to the sink.
- Is obsessed with his yard. Literally, obsessed.
- Smacks unusually loud.
- Every single time he walks into our house, the very first thing he says is, "Hey Jake."
- He puts jalepenos on everything.
- Reads no less than 20 news or opinion articles per day.
- Does not know how to use our new washer/dryer and does not know where anything is located in our new kitchen.
- Drinks 3-5 cups of coffee per day, and an occasional glass of scotch.
- Only wears blue boxers.
- Can't type. At all.
- You know he's having a good time dancing when he starts pointing at everything in the room.
- Laughs out loud at t.v.

- When in the car, he will only ride on the drivers lap. Does not matter who is in the drivers seat.
- Likes to sleep on the floor with his head under the bed.
- He likes "tweets."
- He growls and barks in his sleep.
- Barks hysterically when a doorbell rings on T.V.
- Likes to have his face smashed against something.
- When he runs off, he will only come back if Aaron calls him.
- He likes tomatoes, grapes, and wheat thins, but not jelly beans.

- Can type 88 words per minute.
- Will be unemployed forever.
- Has an uncanny ability to remember numbers and dates.
- Was in the math club.
- Can beat anybody at chess and foosball.
- Into semantics.
- Loves anything with cheese or peanut butter. Favorite combination is peanut butter and chocolate.
- Has to finish every meal with dessert and a tummy ache.
- 99% of her arguments consist entirely of "nope" or "uh-uh"
- Loves slapstick comedy (seeing people trip, fall down, or get injured)
- Loves potty humor (because of her brothers).
- Never ever curses.
- Has a lot of very specific pet peaves.
- Is impatient.
- Is on a very strict t.v. schedule.

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Haley said...

That was very informative, Kelly. And funny.