Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I am a 24 year old baby.

Although I am in an extraordinary amount of pain from getting my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, I am enjoying being spoiled rotten by Debbie Rice, my sweet mother in law. Aaron is doing law school stuff most of the day and he absolutely cannot miss one more class, so she came here all the way from Hattiesburg to take care of me for a couple of days. Even though Aaron is being completely sweet and wants to help, there is only so much the man can do. Debbie is keeping me on schedule with taking my meds, she is cooking some amazing meals, and she is not grossed out by anything. I guess having three out of five of her kids go through wisdom teeth removal makes her about as expert as possible.

Debbie got here on Sunday night and Aaron and I immediately went into show and tell mode. We wanted her to see every single thing in and around our house, our neighborhood, and of course, Aaron had to show her every blade of grass in the yard and explain what is right or wrong with it. Aaron kept her locked up in his office for hours talking legal jargon and she was a good sport and listened tentatively. She also brought us a chicken pot pie, and this is when I knew I was not going to let her leave. Ever.

I was so unbelievably nervous about this surgery. I know its silly to call it surgery, but I think if anesthesia is involved, I can call it just that. Aaron made me feel better by saying, "At least he's not cutting your leg off." Thats right, he pulled the leg card out. I don't remember much about getting put to sleep, but I do remember the doctor getting me to talk about the beach. I think all I said was "preeetttyyy" before I passed out. The doctor I had was great. He called at 6:00 last night to check up on me and he explained why I was feeling nauseous and all that good stuff.

All day yesterday my face resembled a hot air balloon, felt like somebody took a hammer to it, and I was woozy all day. I slept a lot and woke up only to take the medicine and eat the homemade potato soup that Debbie made. I could write an entire post dedicated to how good that potato soup is. The pain got better as the day went on because the meds kicked in, but the doctor warned us that the day after is usually the worse when it comes to soreness and swelling, and he was right. I woke up this morning feeling like there are two fireballs in my mouth and it hurts to talk. My doctor said if I would have gotten my wisdom teeth out when I was 19 or 20 like he suggested, I would be fine, but that is neither here nor there.

I'm pretty sure I'll spend the rest of the day being lazy and if Debbie tries to leave, I will lay down in front of her car and she will have to run over me first. I'm going to end this here because I smell eggs coming from my kitchen.

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Nikki said...

such a freakin baby. Oh well, what are mom-in-laws for??