Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I am pretty sure nobody really cares about what me, Aaron, and Jake did today, but I will go ahead and give a detailed account of our Saturday starting from morning until night.

We (Jake included) slept in pretty late. I got up and made me and Aaron two scrambled eggs each. We all got in the car and headed two miles down the road to the Taylor Farmers Market, which I believe is Oxford's best kept little secret.

The Taylor Farmers Market occurs every Saturday from June through October, and this Saturday was the last one of the year. The city of Taylor probably has about 200 people in it, and all 200 people plus extras show up at the market every weekend. People set up their booths to showcase their crafts and hobbies, such as soap making, wood turning, homemade preserves, and a wide variety of other unique talents. With today being the last day of the season, there were lots of exciting events to take part in. Me, Aaron, and Jake participated in a cake walk, and I won a chocolate cake. Aaron bought some homemade apple butter and I bought a bouquet of flowers. Jake had a good time too. There was a great little band that stood in the back of an antique truck and played music and kids wore their Halloween costumes and jumped in a moon bounce. There were horse drawn carriages and trucks full of pumpkins and vegetables, and if you cannot tell by now, it was straight out of a movie. Here are some pictures that might help you visualize the market:

Where else can you find this kind of entertainment?

Everybody had their booths decorated for fall.

Waiting for the cake walk to start.

Taylor townsfolk

I always made fun of my roomates Megan and Jennifer for being from small towns,
but this is true small town living.

Taylor Grocery - no distance is too far for this landmark

I'm not exaggerating when I say the Taylor Farmers Market is two miles from our house. From June through October of 2009, anybody has an open invitation to stay with us on a Friday night and come to the farmers market with us on Saturday morning.

When we got home, we went exploring in the woods behind our house. It was kind of random, but we found an old tree house, or maybe a hunting stand, and we climbed up and sat in it for a while and watched Jake freak out under us because he has never seen true wilderness. It was definitely the most random part of the day, but I did promise at the beginning of this post that I would give a detailed account.

We rested for a while, and then left to go to a Law Wives Recipe/Dinner Party. Each wife brought a dish and her husband and we had a great meal. We also got to meet new people, which is always needed, especially when you are as unbelievably unemployed as I am. We had to leave before most people because somebody slammed a hammer against my face when I wasn't looking. Not really, but my face started hurting as if somebody slammed a hammer against my face. I can't believe I have gone through an entire week of this kind of pain. I refuse to ever go through this kind of pain again. I cannot imagine anything worse than this - not even childbirth.

Now it's time to go to bed. Jake and Aaron have been asleep for about an hour, but I didn't want to deprive anybody of not knowing what we did today. Tomorrow probably won't be as exciting, but you never know. I am honestly running out of stuff to blog about.


Deb said...

Kelly, I love this story, thanks for the great pics, too, they really tell the tale. I wish I could have stayed through Saturday!

Nikk-I said...

i tagged/awarded you today on my blog. youd better follow through!
love you!