Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Warning: I rambled.

My poke buddy Nikk-i wants me to reveal six (random number) things about myself, but I don't think I can. I could probably write three things, and only two would be interesting/worth your time. I'm just not that interesting. Maybe I'll try to find time during these busy unemployed days to reflect and ponder about who I am.

Nikki became my best friend 20 years ago, but more importantly, she became my poke buddy probably two years ago. If you are on Facebook (and the only two people in the world who are not on Facebook are my mom and dad) you have probably been poked before or are at least aware of the poke. I don't know who started it, but Nikki and I have been in a constant state of poke for over 600 days and its one of the most constant things in my life. If I log on to Facebook and do not see a poke from Nikki waiting for me, I can rest assured that she has simply not been on Facebook lately. I sincerely hope it never ends. I guess that is one of the six things I could write about, but I think I can do better.

Aaron is being a champion in law school. Today, I wanted to be an extra supportive wife, so after he asked me to bring him lunch, I offered to bring him lunch. I sat with him in the lobby area of the Law School for a little while, and I was kind of hoping that somebody would think I was a law student too. I looked around, and everybody just seemed so ding dang brilliant. They were buried under piles of books, tapping away on their lap tops and their highlighters going to town. As we ate lunch, Aaron explained to me something about the 18th Amendment and Civil Procedure, or maybe its Civic Procedure...not sure. He would show me something in one book, and then get really excited and point to another book and show how it relates to the Constitution or something, and we had a great lunch. I wonder how many girls out there are jealous of me?

Any time we meet somebody who has gone to law school or is finishing up their last year, they always feel the need to give us advice. Everybody says to just get through this first year and it will get easier. Well, I can understand why they keep saying that, because these law professors are not going to give Aaron a chance to breathe until May 7, 2009.

We probably won't even get to go home for Thanksgiving, which is depressing, because I was so much looking forward to a Randy Rice Thanksgiving, which includes a big fat juicy delicious turkey, broccoli (I just realized I didn't know how to spell that word because I had to look it up), mushrooms, mashed potatoes, asparagus, two different kinds of dressing, sweet tea, and I feel confident that Mrs. Rice would have made a perfect homemade pie of some sort. I would never attempt to cook a turkey at my house, so we will probably eat bagel sandwiches for Thanksgiving. Here in the Aaron Rice household, we eat A LOT of bagel sandwiches, probably three out of five days.

Back to Aaron being a champion in law school. He doesn't get to sleep a lot. Mrs. Rice got a taste of what our life is like when she came here to take care of me after I got my wisdom teeth removed. It is sad, isn't it, Mrs. Rice? It is not unusual when Aaron gets zero seconds of sleep at night. He comes home, makes a pot of coffee, and bee lines it to his office, where he does not come out very often. He's learning a lot, but he still doesn't know what type of law he wants to go into after school. Where we will be in three years is blurry at this point, but by then, I will have four children, so Aaron better be able to support us.

I wish so bad that I had something interesting to write about. I am not good at being unemployed. I enjoy watching Regis and Kelly and getting mad at all the ladies on The View (except Elizabeth Hasselback) every single morning, but I desperately want a meaningful schedule. This is the time of day that I start thinking about babies and why I would be such a great mom. I have lowered my standards on the job search drastically. I will do ANYTHING, sort of. Some of my options at this point are: bus driver, police man, greeter at Wal-Mart, pilot, or stock boy at Home Depot. I will do any of those things right now. I had the perfect job in Starkville. My boss, Cade, tried to get me to get a divorce so I didn't have to leave. I never entertained the thought, of course, but I cannot overemphasize how great we had it in Starkville. I had a great salary, perfect co-workers, busy busy busy schedule, and I really believed in what I was doing. Now, my only responsibility on this earth is to make sure Jake and Aaron are fed everyday.

On a completely serious note, please pray for me and my job search. There is something out there that is a perfect fit for me. Pray for patience and faith, because it has been almost three months and it is easy to lose hope. Also, we do not have a money tree in our new yard, and our budget is almost impossible to work with. Prayers are needed and appreciated.

Nikk-i, these are not my six facts. It will give me something to think about while I'm doing absolutely nothing. Sorry for this VERY long rambling post. When I get a job, I won't do this anymore. Until then, it is all I have, except for Jake.

Somebody come visit me!!


Haley said...

Kelly: Have I mentioned that you could come and visit us? Seriously. We have a free ticket on Southwest. You should come spend a week with us. Aaron will never know you're gone, with the hours he's keeping. I will show you how it's done. Unemployment, I mean. Let's talk about it soon.

Russ and Megan said...

Oh my goodness!! I remember those days of me and Farley! That was it. Thank goodness for Farley! What do girls with no dog do??? I am guilty of giving the same advice..."Just get through the first year." Seriously...it seems to go slow. But, I am looking back now saying, "Wow!! That was nothing!" Nothing for me, that is! Ha! Now it's time for Russ to interview and actually bring in some money!!! YAY! You'll be there before you know it!! I will pray for you, though, that you will find an amazing job to fit your amazing self!! LOVE YOU!!!

By the way, Russ will be living with Rachael and Jimbo during the entire month of November! Come visit if you want!

Rossie said...

Kelly- I just wanted to let you know that I was in the same place job wise when Justin moved me to stinky liberal Tallahassee for his PhD. I was about one more jobless week away from walking across the street to Publix to get a job when I finally got hired. After 4 VERY LONG months God finally provided a job far beyond my expectations. While I was still unemployed, I too thought I wanted to start having kids because I thought that they would make me feel needed!!! You and Aaron have a lot going for you... Something will come soon!

PS- Your blog keeps me highly entertained! :)

Marley and Bech said...

hey...i found your blog through nikki bonham's site...i remember you (i used to go to highlands)...anyway, i hate to be all creepy by posting on your site, but i had to get a job last year because my husband (bech evans) was still in school. have you tried any of the doctors offices? you could do insurance or just be a receptionist. thats why i did. i mean, honestly, some days i really wasn't crazy about my job, but it was a job and a paycheck. plus, sometimes they just need people to work part time. i worked at Ear, Nose, and Throat Consultants, but you could try any of those offices on South Lamar.

Liz T. said...

if you ever want to go to coffee and bring your laptop, we can search for jobs together... just let me know...i only work 3.5 hours a week and our budget is getting kinda scary too...
just let me know if you ever want to get out of the house and do something like that our come over to my place :)