Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Why Aaron wins the Best Husband in the World Award

I know I make fun of Aaron a lot, and it's all in the spirit of good fun, but I want to emphasize to anybody who reads this that Aaron is possibly the sweetest man in the whole wide world, and I want to share two reasons why this is true.

1. I mentioned to Aaron in passing that I would like to put a pumpkin in front of our house for Halloween. Two days later, I wake up from a nap, and I found TWO pumpkins and corn on the cob on the front porch. He didn't think it was a big deal, but in my opinion, he could not have done anything more thoughtful.

2. Aaron bought me this cross at the Neshoba County Fair Flea Market and it was for no reason other than he saw it and thought about me. He said it just looked like something I would like and wanted me to have it. It meant so much to me and I walked around with it all day shoving it in peoples faces saying, "Can you believe how sweet my husband is?!?"
Later that evening, I was chatting with somebody on a porch, and sure enough, I stand up and it slips from my hand and it shatters into about 15 pieces. I didn't want the person I was talking with to feel weird about it, so I just picked up the pieces and very calmly and collectively headed to the back part of the porch. When I got to where nobody could see me, for some reason, I just burst into tears and could not quit crying. I was miserable that I ruined this special gift that I had all but fallen in love with. I called Aaron and asked him to please meet me in the back of the cabin so we could leave. We snuck around the side of the cabin so nobody could see me crying hysterically, and he made me feel better by assuring me that if we could not glue it back together, he would call the people that made the cross and get them to make me the exact same one again. Super glue did fix the cross, and it looks exactly like it did the day Aaron gave it to me. The cross is displayed in the kitchen where you can pretty much see it from any point in the house, and I am so proud to show it off.

He actually does small things like this a lot, but these are two things that really stick out because they show he listens to me and he thinks about me. I will probably go back to making fun of him eventually, but I just want the world wide web to know how sweet and thoughtful he is, and I am one lucky lady. Also, for any husbands, fiance's, or boyfriends that read this, I promise you will make your lovely lady's day better by picking up something that makes you think of her, because you are thinking of her, right?

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Russ and Megan said...

MATE!!! You're the best! Kelly and I did good picking the best hubbies in the world!