Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gastroenterology, this is Kelly, how may I help you?

Do you need to schedule a colonoscopy or an endoscopy?

What is the nature of your problem?

...Those are a few examples of some things I say several times a day. Now that I have been back in the real world, I'm starting to wonder what was so awful about being unemployed. Life was divine back in the days when I could sleep in, play with Jake all day, run a few errands every now and then, and be at Aaron's every beck and call. Although toward the end of my unemployment stage, I got real lazy and Aaron ended up fixing me meals while I laid on the couch all day. I'm suddenly enlightened as to why my jeans are fitting a little tighter nowadays. Look how sad Jake is now that he doesn't have a playmate during the day? He just sits at home all day and looks like this:

And that is exactly where he sits - the dining room table.
I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

My job has turned out to be pretty decent. I can't complain, except I feel like there must be a reason that I have left work both days with a throbbing, pounding, aching, miserable, hurts-to-keep-my-eyes-open kind of headache. Tomorrow I will arrive at work equipped with Tylenol and BC powder. The people I work with are cool and so very patient with me as I ask a million questions per minute, and I'm pretty sure they are stupid questions. For example, "Where is the bathroom?" as if it isn't labeled clear enough on the door, and "Oops, I forgot the password that I chose yesterday. What do I do?"

I have learned there are quite a few perks in this job. One is that there are yoga classes taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I can participate in them for a whopppin' $2.00. I would have to clock out to take these classes, but I can promise you it is worth 30 non-paid minutes to take a breather from the chaos that is the office I work in. Yogo is by far the most therapeutic exercise I have ever tried and it is an instant pain reliever for me, so I will take advantage of these classes starting Thursday.

Another perk is that I get free lunches quite often. Apparently, pharmaceutical sales reps bring lunch to doctors offices every week or so to butter up the doctors and convince them to use their drugs. Today, a nice young man from a company I have never heard of brought red beans and rice, salad, and bread pudding from Oby's. I couldn't believe he brought enough food to feed the entire office. I broke my sweets fast today because I didn't want to hurt his feelings by not eating his bread pudding. And also because I could smell the sweet cinnamon flavor from my desk and I think my slobber entered the room before I did. But I'm back on my sweets fast, and I even declined a mini Snickers bar later in the afternoon.

I guess since I'm not used to fast paced environments anymore, I get exhausted much easier. By 3:00, I have to triple check my work and make sure I didn't put a wrong social security number or chart number in the computer. But I'm definitely glad to be back on a routine. I have brought my gym clothes to work both days and gone straight from work to Snap Fitness where I only have enough energy to do 45 minutes on the elliptical, and then I have to walk very quickly to my car where I black out for a few minutes.

The sad part about my employment is that I haven't seen Aaron since Sunday night. He's at the library when I get home and I'm asleep by the time he gets home. I don't know if anything would be different had I not gotten a job, but it still sucks. Maybe I'll get to see him on Thursday for our 4th wedding anniversary. Maybe not. Either way, it will be a special day. I would like to extend anybody in the tri-county area an invitation to watch my wedding video with me, since I will most likely be without a husband. Or I could call my mom and talk to her because I'm pretty sure she will be watching it at the same time anyway.

Since I'm a working woman now, I must end this now so I can prepare for a good night of sleep. Also, Bill O'Reilly is about to be on and I am confident he will read the e-mail I wrote him on Sunday night. It's a doozy. Also, tomorrow will be a bit crazy at work because the two people who have been training me are both going to be gone so I am flying solo, and no, I am not ready for that. I will bother the heck out of anybody and everybody within an arms length of my desk, which means I will most likely lose the friends that I have made so far. Wish me luck!!

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Liz T. said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm getting a lot busier too -- sometime we should take a break from it all and do something fun while our husbands are studying the evenings away at the law library. :)