Thursday, November 20, 2008

We've been married four years...seriously?

Aaron and I celebrated four years of marital bliss by dining at Two Stik for 45 minutes. Then he went back to the library, and I came home to pretty much go straight to bed. I suppose we are not the crazy kids we used to be. Oh well. We are still madly in love and that is all that matters.
Maybe I can find the strength to look through our wedding album before I fall asleep.

Four years ago we made our vows at First Pres in Jackson. If you went to our wedding, please leave a comment describing anything you remember about it. The whole day is somewhat of a blur to me, and I would love to try to remember some of the details about it, and I don't want to watch my four hour wedding video right now.

Cheers to us.


Anonymous said...

I remember standing up there beside you in my purty red bridesmaids dress and looking out over the audience...and unexpectedly locking eyes with my ex boyfriend and suddenly feeling really awkward. But I couldnt do anything about it, because I was standing up in front of like a million people. Good thing they were all looking at you and not me.

Aaron and Kelly said...

Haha that's awesome. I love being the provider of awkward moments.

Russ and Megan said...

I remember tears, tears, and more tears from one crazy bridesmaid. I'm pretty sure she was saying, "Kelly, don't leave! It'll never be the same!" Seriously...embarrassing sobs coming from that girl!

Happy Anniversary, Roommie!! Love you!

Haley said...

I remember dancing at the reception with Dan, and then dancing with the entire Mike Howell family, and then dancing Hannah and Audrey. Probably the most dancing I have ever done in public or will ever do again. I blame the open bar. But it was really fun. Also, I remember how beautiful you looked in your dress and how handsome Aaron was in his dress blues.