Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hush yo mouth.

Today I experienced Ebay for the first time and now I am the proud owner of a Columbia ski jacket that retails for over $150. I would never, ever, ever, ever pay that much in real life for such an item, but I would definitely pay $46. If it weren't for my sweet Aaron who made the winning bid in the final 40 seconds, I would not have won. So a big thanks to you, Arnie, for being a champion at yet another thing. Is there anything you do that is not perfect?

Well, I can think of something. He made the decision to study for finals rather than go home and eat a Thanksgiving dinner with family. Instead, we are going to heat up some chicken noodle soup, and if I decide to go to the store to get some bread, I could make us grilled cheese sandwiches. Even though our Thanksgiving feast will be depressing, we have a lot to be thankful for. And I mean A LOT. We are healthy, we have perfect families, tons of awesome friends, a great home, a happy and fun marriage, and a nice little pup. And of course, we are grateful for Bill O'Reilly.

I am also happy to report progress in the new job. I don't freak out every time the phone rings anymore. I don't stutter as much and I no longer crack a smile when patients describe their problems to me. I didn't get hung up on today, and one woman said "Hush yo mouth!" to me when I told her the next available appointment wasn't until February. That was perhaps the most delightful part of my day. Yesterday I did yoga during my lunch hour and today I got to eat another free lunch. It seems too good to be true, now that I've gotten over the awkward, I can't do anything right part of the job.

Aaron promised me he would help get the Christmas tree out of the attic tonight, so I'm going to wrap it up here. Actually, he did not promise me, but now he's going to look like a jerk if he doesn't. I guess I'm going to have to wait for him to finish watching the stupid movie he bought on stupid itunes and is watching on his stupid laptop. So Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Enjoy your turkey and remember the Aaron Rice family as you chowzer down. I can't wait to read everybody's blog about how great their Thanksgiving dinners were.

P.S. Is anybody as excited as I am about 24 starting in January?


Deb said...

Kelly, We missed you so much!!!! We were well fed but sad, sad,sad. Tell Aaron that he should have insisted that you and Jake come to Jackson and Hattiesburg so he could study for finals without all the whining and barking noises.

Charlie and Jamie Smith said...

kelly, i am pumped about 24 starting in Jan!!! I cannot wait!