Saturday, November 8, 2008

Keeping up with the Rice's.

I spent all day yesterday and most of this morning painting my legs with fingernail polish because that is what everybody keeps saying is the cure for red bug bites. I would never take back our adventure in Duck Hill, but perhaps I would have planned a bit ahead and bought some bug repellent.

Last night, I saw the silhouette of a deer in the woods behind our house and I heard it moving around. Jake freaked out and scared it away, but Aaron is going to put minerals or food or whatever they like back there so they will come over more.

My mouth is still sore from getting my wisdom teeth removed. It will be three weeks on Monday. That can't be right.

One of our neighbors has a four year old little boy, John. I was walking Jake around the neighborhood, and I saw John from a distance reach into another house's mailbox, take all of the mail out (including a large envelope package), run over to his own yard, and proceed to OPEN their mail! He even opened the package, saw that it was a book, and started ripping the pages out of this book! I was floored! I ran over there and asked John where he got all those letters. He shrugged his shoulders. I pointed to the neighbor's mailbox and said, "John, did you get these letters out of the Kilner's mailbox?" And he straight up LIED to me. I told him that I watched him do it, and that he could get in a lot of trouble for opening others peoples mailboxes, and I made him promise to never, ever, ever do that again. I placed everything back into the Kilner's mailbox, and just stood around and waited for them to get home. I explained to them that it was a four year old that terrorized their mail, not a crazy stalker. It made me wonder if I was ready for parenthood. I don't think I am at this point, because if my four year old does something illegal, it is ultimately my fault, right?

Aaron and I watched the movie Role Models last night. It was the funniest movie I have ever seen in my life. It was extremely vulgar and graphic, so John does not need to see it, but we laughed the entire way through it. We went straight from the movie theater to Movie Gallery so we could watch yet another movie when we got home. My experience in Movie Gallery was less than pleasant, so on my way out I picked up a customer comment card. I filled the card out and under the additional comments section, I wrote "Please see attached." I wrote a one page, tasteful letter of complaint documenting my experience, and I will mail it today. I'll keep my blog posted on any outcomes from this complaint.

Aaron says I only speak in absolutes. Every trip we take is the best trip I have ever been on, every meal I eat is either the best or the worst, every movie is either the funniest or the stupidest (that's not a word), you get my point.

Starting tomorrow, Sunday, November 9, I am giving up sweets. I guess if I verbalize it to Aaron and proclaim it on my blog, it makes me committed. I have come to realize that sweets is my biggest weakness. I cannot end a meal without having something sweet to finish it off. For example, when we were in Hattiesburg last weekend, I hid some Hershey Kisses in my car just in case I had a sweet tooth that I couldn't ignore. Sure enough, the sweet tooth came in full force, and I went out to my car to get my three Hershey Kisses. They were not where I had originally placed them, so I searched every single nook and cranny in my car, until I found the wrappers crumbled up under the seats. I stormed into the Rice house and in a rather loud voice, said "Aaron, did you eat my Hershey Kisses?!" He confessed but didn't care, and lucky for him, Mrs. Rice came to the rescue with some chocolate for me to munch on. I think I'm only going to fast for one month and then I'll start rewarding myself once a week or so. Feel free to check up on me and keep me accountable whenever you want, because Aaron said he wouldn't do it with me. He has developed an undeniable obsession with Tootsie Rolls and he is not ready to give them up quite yet.

We are about to go to a great Greek restaurant here in Oxford where we are going to enjoy 2 for 1 margaritas. This is the main reason I am waiting to start my sweets fast until tomorrow.

I can't believe how beautiful Oxford is in the fall. I love it here. Come visit me.

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Chase and Adrea Maxwell said...

I love that you write letters. I actually wrote a letter to the Flowood McDonald's a few weeks ago and I wrote on to A Southern Affair last week. I can't wait to come visit y'all in Oxford. We'll have to make that happen soon!