Sunday, November 9, 2008

I have to compete for my husband's attention.

Because this is what he would rather be doing than hanging out with me and Jake:

Yard work. You would think that 40 degree winter weather would be reason enough to retire the yard beautification tools for the season. Wrong. I am told it is critical that we apply Atrazene to our yard, a pre-emergent weed killer, so that six months down the road, we might not have weeds. And this Atrazene business is not a project that you start and finish during your lunch break. No, it is an intensive, time consuming activity which requires math, measurements, and my nice kitchen utensils. He had to mix the exact quantity of H20 and Atrazine in a four gallon backpack sprayer and walk around every inch of the 17,000 square foot yard. Now, if that was all it took, I would dismiss it as Aaron being a proud homeowner. But this process of walking around the yard is to be repeated about 40 times. I am not kidding. Therefore, I am dismissing it as Aaron being a freak.

In six months, I will take a picture of our yard, and hopefully there won't be any weeds.

While I was outside pointing at Aaron and making fun of him for wearing his oversized earphones, I took a picture of our house. Isn't it beautiful?

And if there is anything good about this freezing cold weather, it is this:

Can't beat the gas fireplace!

Random, but I love snuggling with Jake!

I will wrap this up with two final thoughts:

1. I want to introduce Melissa Wood to the blogosphere. If you would like to read some incredibly witty, hilarious, and flashback to the 90's literature, I would strongly suggest you read her writings. I can assure you it is worth your time. Start at her first post and read up.

2. Happy 233rd Birthday to the United States Marine Corps! Semper Fi, Marines. Thanks for everything you do.

A very handsome Matthew Howell, Aaron, and Ryan at our wedding reception.
This was just a couple of months before Ryan joined the Corps and Aaron left for Iraq.


Haley said...

Please send Aaron out to take care of our yard. Our philosophy is not so much about prevention of weeds as it is about "If we don't do something about the weeds, we're going to get another notice from the homeowner's association." Yeah.

Aaron and Kelly Rice said...

He would gladly come take care of your yard. I'll make him start researching the difference between Mississippi grass and New Mexico grass, and he will send you his dissertation when he's ready.

Chase and Adrea Maxwell said...

Aaron can come take care of our yard, too. I pulled into our driveway not long ago to find an 82 year old man cutting our grass. Chase paid him $25 to do it. How terrible, right>