Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Some photos from our past adventures (in no logical order):

Battling the Colorado River in a duckie.

This was taken right after an alligator bit Aaron's leg off.

Aaron's running leg at the Army Ten Miler

A Sports Illustrated photographer took this.

On top of the Empire State Building in NYC.

The day Aaron got back in the states.

After we became Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Rice

The morning Aaron left for training in California.

Aaron was in Iraq with these guys.
The man in the orange shirt is Joseph Graham, whose son was killed in action on May 7, 2005.

Wayne Newton!

Aaron wrote Psalms 23:4 on the door of his Humvee
just hours before he ran over the land mine.

My handsome Marine!!

About to snowboard down Sunday River mountain in Maine.

Snow angels!

The funnest trip we've ever been on. Ever.

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