Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Today was a great day.

Sike! I had one of of those days where everything that could go wrong did indeed go wrong. The only reason I can discuss it now is because I've vented by yelling at an innocent Aaron and I also had a really good cry. I'm such a girl. Here is a sneak peek into the giant crap sandwich that was my day. 

My terrible day started yesterday. When I got home from work, I noticed my house was unusually cold, but dismissed it as me being a pansy. It wasn't until I went to check the mail that I noticed a big red sign hanging on my front door that read, "YOUR GAS LINE HAS BEEN DISCONNECTED." And yes, it was in all caps. 

The reason our gas line was disconnected is complicated, but let me clear in that it was not our fault, and we have to pay five different fees and fines because of somebody else's mistakes. 

Anyway, I immediately got to work and called the 1-800 number to take care of this. After being transferred to about 15 different people who apparently have never heard of this happening before, I spoke to a nice young man located in India who assured me that the line would be reconnected today. He explained that the technician would come anytime between 8:00 and 5:00 and I need to be there in order for him to do his work. Well, because I have a job and this was not an option, I provided two phone numbers and the technician would call me thirty minutes before he showed up so I could leave work and meet him at the house. I hung up confident that everything would be fine today. 

When I awoke this morning to a thermometer that read 61 degrees and the clear fact that I could not take a shower in ice cold water, I had a hunch that it was not going to get much better. And I was right. I can't go into a lot of detail, but the day I had at work and being dirty and frozen did not help. I skipped lunch because I did not want to miss the phone call from the tech guy but never did I receive that phone call. When I got off work at 4:30 I called the gas co. to check on the status and they assured me that he was still going to come, but he was just running behind because it was the holidays. When I got home my thermometer read 59 degrees and I was miserable. After making about seven calls in one hour to the gas company, I learned that my order was actually cancelled because somebody called me at 9:44 this morning and nobody answered. I snapped. Believe you me...there is no way anybody called me this morning because my butt literally did not leave my desk all day. I answered every single call and not one of them was from the gas company. I asked to speak directly to the supervisor of said gas co., and after we exchanged some significant unpleasantries, I hung up extremely frustrated, which was about the time I decided to call Aaron and yell at him too. He was a good sport and didn't get mad when I hung up on him. 

I guess I should get to the bottom line. The bottom line is that the technician will not come until Friday, and the temperature is expected to continue to drop. Awesome. So I am going to wake up tomorrow morning and NOT take a shower for the second day in a row and hit the road for Jackson where I will bathe in hot water and my family will feed me and Jake at least two meals. Tomorrow night I will come back to Oxford and Friday I will not go to work until my gas line is reconnected. 

So in the meantime, Jake and I went to Walmart and purchased $110 worth of electric and fleece blankets to survive tonight and I heated water up in the microwave so I could wash my face. Jake is curled up underneath the mountain of blankets I piled on the bed and we are going to make a slumber party out of our misery. More than ever I am grateful that Mrs. Rice got me long underwear for Christmas, because they have been put to the test. I would also like to note that when leaving Walmart, I stepped on a freshly chewed wad of bubble gum, and that was the pickle on the crap sandwich that was my day. What a great way to spend New Years Eve. 


mom said...

Kelly, You are a trooper and came through your ordeal with dignity and grace !! I am very proud of you. As far as stepping in gum, that supports my long time opinion that the stuff should be banned.

Look forward to seeing you today !!!

Russ and Megan said...

Oh my goodness! That is certainly a day that only YOU could have! I would do the exact same thing - you know! Go home to Mama and Daddy! Or maybe I'd just call my dad to fix the problem. Ha!