Friday, February 13, 2009

Aaron: should I get mad or not?

As of 4:30 today, I am no longer a receptionist at Gastroenterology Associates of North Mississippi (try saying that 500 times a day). All day long, I was looking forward to coming home and celebrating with Aaron, maybe going out to dinner and a movie or renting a movie...anything to mark this significant day in Kelly Rice history. I had our agenda perfectly set in my head. I was going to get off work at 4:30, go for a quick jog, and we would be in downtown Oxford by 7:00 or so and order a bottle of wine and talk about how awesome I am for getting a new job. The only problem was that I forgot to tell Aaron of these plans, and he took off on a fishing excursion with his law school buddy, Jordan. According to a text message I got at 6:30, when they finish fishing and get Jordan's boat back to his house, he is going to help Jordan filet the fish (whatever that means) and he'll be home soon. See, when Aaron and Jordan collide, I've learned things never work out as they planned. Therefore, by "soon", it could mean he will be back, hmm, who knows. 

So here I am with Jake and my own bottle of wine and Jake is asleep on my feet. But you know what makes everything ok? Mr. O'Reilly. He is brilliantly discussing the young woman who just had octuplets (does that mean eight children) and already had six. She will most likely never be able to feed/clothe/educate her children, so is it ethical for the State of California to step in? Hmm...I'm going to have to hear what Bill says and then make my decision. Anyway, there is a good chance that my ideal celebration dinner and movie will not happen, but I guess that's what I get for not sharing my plans with Aaron first. When Aaron does come home, there is an even better chance that I will be asleep and have no intentions of waking up until at least noon tomorrow. The good news is that tomorrow is Valentines Day and he is obligated to do something special, and even if that fails (which better not, or else...), we have our Marriage Course on Sunday evening and that is kind of romantic and special in itself. 

I don't want anybody to think Aaron is a bad husband for ditching me on my celebratory evening of temporary non employment, but I do agree with everyone that he can be a turd sometimes. 

P.S. If anybody wants to buy Bill O'Reilly's book, A Bold, Fresh Piece of Humanity, 60% of your purchase will go toward a charity of your choice. Do it, or I will give you a bold, fresh piece of profanity. 

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