Thursday, March 26, 2009

Anybody out there?

I haven't blogged in a while. I suppose it's because I was waiting on something newsworthy to write about and obviously that never here's a little update on me, Aaron, and Jake.

Spring Break has come and gone for Aaron. He went to the beach for the first weekend of the break to attend the wedding of a good friend of his, and then came home and did what real people do during Spring Break - he worked. He worked on an appellate brief for one of his classes that will weigh in at 30+ pages when it is all said and done. He worked during the day, throughout the whole night, sleep for a minute or two, and then get back to work on the ding dang paper. And guess where he is right now? That's right. The library. Poor guy. The good news is that immediately after he turns his monster paper in, he gets to start cramming for his finals that will take place two weeks later. Aaron is being his usual champion self and taking life in stride. I have a lot of respect for the man, which leads me to my next topic.

On Wednesday, March 18, 2009, Aaron celebrated his fourth Survivor Day. It was four years ago that his precious life was spared in Iraq. How did he celebrate it? That's right. The library. And even though I was also working, I spent the entire day praising God for my husband and his life. For Survivor Day #5, we're going to do something crazy, like sky dive. I'll let you know how that goes. 

As for me, I still have a job. The attorney I work for has not changed his mind about hiring me yet, and the mistakes I've made has not completely screwed anybody over yet. I'm becoming pretty competent in legal jargon, but every single day something comes up that makes me enter into a panic stricken state of mind and overreact about the most minor details imaginable. I still love love love the job and I am realizing more than ever how incredibly lucky I am to have gotten it, because getting a job in Oxford, or anywhere in the entire universe, is nearly impossible nowadays.

As for Jake, he got a haircut. We call him Samson, because now that he has no hair, he has no strength. He went from macho pup to pansy pup that has no independence whatsoever. That's all to report on Jake. Maybe one day I'll get to tell cute stories about a real baby instead of a dog, but until then, I'm going to make the most of what I've got. 

These are a few things on my mind tonight:

The Tennessee Saggy Pants Bill is one step away from being passed. A $50 fine will be imposed to anybody who violates this new law. This is an AWESOME bill in my opinion, but I can't help but question the constitutionality? What do you think, Aaron? 

I'm getting tired of Obama's town hall meetings. I want to know he is in the Oval Office making critical decisions about the future of our country and not trying to convince people he was the right choice for president. And I am not impressed with his "online town hall meeting" either. 

I have two pet peeves that I would like to share. The first is when I am at a concert, or conference, or meeting, or any big gathering with a speaker who asks "How's everybody feeling?" Of course, everybody says "Good" or "Fine" or if at a concert the crowd screams "Whooo" My pet peeve occurs when the speaker says "I didn't hear you!" And the crowd has to say "Good", "Fine", or "Whooo" a little bit louder, even though the speaker already had that planned. And if the speaker asks a third time, I will leave, because that is just ridiculous. No matter how loud the audience responded, he was going to get them to repeat themselves anyway. It's just stupid, in my opinion, and I'm sorry if somebody out there enjoys it. 

The second pet peeve is one that isn't as bad as the first but just makes me grit my teeth a little bit. Let me start by saying that my all time #1 pet peeve is other drivers. I am by far the only person in this town that knows how to drive, but that's not my point here. I become very peeved when I am driving behind a car who is behind another car (a total of three cars). The first car in line decides to makes a turn, and the second car in line puts its blinker on on behalf of the first car. When the first car turns, I start getting excited because I am under the impression that the second car is also about to turn and I get to be the first car in line. Well, it turns out the second car in line does not turn (even though its blinker was on), and I never get to be first. I'm sure people do it to be courteous, but by the time the first car slows down to almost a halt to start turning, this causes the second car to slow down, which causes me to slow down, and I have already figured out that the first guy is turning. The second guy does not have to prove it to me. Does this bother any else but me? 

I have a lot of pet peeves, and my all time #2 is when somebody asks me if I am in a bad mood. Just don't do it. If you notice I'm in a bad mood, please do not acknowledge it. That's all I'm going to say about that. Oh and I also hate local car commercials. 

The last thing I'm going to mention before I hit the pillows is that in less than three weeks, RYAN IS COMING HOME! He's been in Iraq for ten months or so and its about dad gum time he comes home. There is really no way to know exactly when he's coming home because the Marines don't think that information is needed for those who want to plan Welcome Home parties. I'm pretty sure we'll get about four days of advanced notice, but that is fine, because at least we know Ryan is coming home safe and sound and we can finally sleep soundly at night again. Being in the company of Ryan Rice is truly an awesome thing, and I know his twin brother is more ready than anybody to welcome him home. Please pray that his cross country travels will be as smooth as possible and that his transition from war to America will also be as smooth as possible. 

One last thing - tomorrow (March 27) is my big brother Drew's birthday! I don't have a clue how old he is. I'm pretty sure he is no younger than 27 but no older than 29, but I wouldn't put money on it. I am PUMPED UP that he, my dad, and Yaya, are driving all the way to Oxford on Saturday to see me and feed me a meal. Yaya is my 89-year-old grandmother and she promised she would bring me some goodies, and I'm crossing my fingers that by goodies, she means homemade cinnamon rolls. My mouth waters just thinking about it. I'm so excited to see them I can hardly stand it! If there was a speaker who asked me how I felt about it I would say "whoo" and if the speaker said he couldn't hear me, I would probably say "whoo" a little bit louder, just because I am that excited to see my brother, daddy, and grandmother. Rock on. 

Well thats about all for now. As Randy Rice would say, it's been real, and its been fun, but it hasn't been real fun. Peace. 


Anonymous said...

First, I thought your number 1 pet peeve was people putting their hands in their pockets...?
Second, your brother is turning 28.
Third, I miss you desperately and need some roommate time!

Deb said...

Kelly! You make me laugh. Thanks for the cheer! I love you, amazing girl!