Monday, March 9, 2009

Blast from the past.

This past weekend, I drove to Jackson because I had a very important date with the ole roommies. I have been thinking all day about whether I should just go all out and talk in detail about our adventures, or should I let us hold on to a little bit of our dignity and keep our adventures confidential? Even though we did nothing illegal or regrettable, I'll go with the latter option. But I will provide an academic-like outline of our evening:

I. Meet at Mint at 7:00.
a. Eat.
1. Everybody orders chicken quesadillas
b. Drink.
2. Wine and martinis and such. 
c. Talk.
3. About everything from babies, husbands, college days, and much much more. 
d. Make smart decisions.
1. Kelly and Megan leave their cars at Mint and pile in Nikki's.

II. Drive to Megan's house.
a. Must get Farley, the black maltipoo.
1. Farley pees on my white shirt a little bit. Score!
2. Megan gathers her stuff, including the pink comforter that she had our freshman year with AKC

III. Drive to Nikki's.
a. Greet Nate, who had the flu.
b. Write a couple of senseless blog posts.
c. Drink whatever it was that Nikki poured in a red plastic cup for me.
d. Play Wii and gloat as I beat everybody in the room. 
e. I belligerently explain all of the legal jargon that I have learned in the past two weeks to everybody in the room. 
f. Nikki, Megan, and I spoon a little bit. 

IV. Kelly and Megan fall asleep on the mattress on the floor with Farley. 

V. The sun rises. 
a. Kelly deletes the blog posts from the night before. 
b. Kelly obnoxiously wakes everybody up at 8:00 a.m.
c. Kelly and Megan comment on how bad each others morning breath is. 
d. Nikki is a turd and won't get up despite Farley's tongue in her ear and me asking her every seven seconds if she is ready to get up. 
e. Megan is also a turd. 
f. Kelly is the only one who takes a shower and brushes her tooth. 
g. Nikki finally quits being a turd and gets out of bed. 
h. Megan also quits being a turd. 
i. Megan puts her black dressy boots on with her pajamas and looks awesome for it. 
j. Nikki drives us to Chick-Fil-A and Farley and Kelly salivate at the smell of chicken. 
k. Nikki drops us off at our vehicles at Mint. 

That is the brief outline of our evening, and if Nikki wants to die at a very early age, she can post videos. For more pictures, visit Megan's blog. We had a blast and as always, I'm looking forward to next time. 

I love you ladies! Thanks for the good times. 


Megan said...

Yay Kelly! I had a great time! Can't wait til our next visit! Love you!

Megan said...

Love you roomie!

Megan said...

Man! I'm the only one posting on this one apparently! haha!

1. Yes, we can be roomies again when I get to Memphis! I'll need a friend and my husband will be reading medical things 24/7!

2. Please train with me! Well, I'm pretty sure you're already trained seeing as how I can not even run to my car without losing it! But, my PLAN is to run the whole thing! For me, that is MAJOR!!! What am I thinking?!