Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Photo Project Day 2: Deer Number Three

I would like to welcome the newest addition to our nursery. No, not the baby that will soon occupy it, but this thing:

Aaron is holding up the head of the 250 pound mule deer he killed on his Texas trip. The head of this deer will be mounted and eventually join the other two deer heads sticking out of the wall in our nursery. Clark will wake up everyday for the first several years of his life with three or more pairs of monster deer eyes staring at him. I would protest the decorations that Aaron has chosen for Clark's room, but that's not going to happen, because I'm kind of whooped. I think its pretty cute how excited he gets about killing ferocious beasts and then talks about it for days afterwards. Scratch that - he talks about it for months and years afterwards. He has made it clear that Clark will join him on future Texas hunting trips and will follow in his footsteps - err...footstep (singular) - by being an avid outdoorsman. I can't wait for Clark to come home one day from school announcing his desire to join the ballet. Aaron will have a stroke.

Anyway, the nursery is almost ready for baby, and as soon as I add a few last minute touches, I'll get some pictures up on the blog. Right now, its clean and fresh and smells great, unlike the rest of the house that looks like we just hosted a rave for all of the freshmen at Ole Miss. This weekend, assuming Clark doesn't arrive just yet, I will spend every second and every ounce of energy in my body spot cleaning this house of ours. And then Aaron will walk through the door and completely undo everything I've worked so hard to do, and then I'll start over. I guess I just need to accept it, because I have a feeling it won't get easier.


Liz T. said...

you crack me up! can't wait to see that nursery!

Deb said...

Oh, Kelly! Just say the word and I'll come help you get things ready. I am serious. I'm just waiting to hear from you.