Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Photo Project Day 6: Confession

I missed DPP Day 5. Still no camera. I would love more than anything to say something witty about Aaron losing our pretty pink camera, but unfortunately, I've come to realize that I think I am the one who might have misplaced it. I may have been the last one to use it, but I honestly didn't realize this until I started thinking of the timeline of events. I just had to use it to take a cute picture of Jake, and that was after Aaron used it to upload pictures of the millions of deer that he, his brother and dad killed on their manly hunting trip. Up until this realization, I could have sworn that he had it last. I have no idea where I could have left it and I've looked all over the house for it. But Aaron gets to keep some of the blame because he has yet to find it. Or he has yet to buy a new one. I'm pretty sure I will find it when we are packing this house up to move in the next two years, or I'll find it somewhere completely obvious and Aaron will get to say something cheesy and sarcastic like "Its a good thing it wasn't a snake or it would have bitten you."

So for the photo of the day, I wanted to share one of the family pictures I took over Thanksgiving. This is most of the grandkids with the two grandmothers.

Because Aaron abandoned his eight month pregnant wife over Thanksgiving to go hunting, Jake and I packed up and headed to Jackson. It was so much fun and I got to spend some much needed time with my family. One of the highlights of the whole trip was Friday night when we got together to play board games and eat gummy life savers. We played Scattergories, and in case you've never played it, it is one of the funnest games out there. I realize funnest is not a word, but in the game of Scattergories, sometimes its necessary to make up words.

As it turns out, my brother Chase is pretty darn good at this game. Even better than me. For example, school supplies that start with an 'S' . What would you say? Chase said Sharpies and I said smelly markers. After an intense debate on whether or not smelly markers qualify as school supplies, I was not allowed to count mine. Or what about a breakfast food that starts with an S? Chase said sausage and I said sun-dried tomatoes. Apparently nobody in my family eats sun dried tomatoes for breakfast so I was not allowed to count that one either. It really is a fun game and I laughed the whole night.

I'm thinking about bringing Scattergories with me to the hospital and playing a couple of games in between contractions with whatever poor soul is in my room at the time. Or maybe I could venture out into the waiting room and play the game with whoever will humor me. I'm pretty sure it would pass the time and make for some good memories. I don't know if I would let Aaron play with me though, because we would have to Wikipedia every single answer he put. He has way too many useless facts stored in his brain and it would definitely be annoying in this particular game. He can be the timer.


Deb said...

Kelly Bo Belly! I love your other family!!! They are so cute. But you are the cutest. (Don't tell them...I don't want to hurt their collective feelings!)

Anonymous said...

you make me laugh all over again, I am curious what everone else thinks about smelly markers and sun dried tomatos for breakfast. mom