Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Photo Project Day 8 sans the Photo

Still no camera. Logic is telling me if I haven't found it by now, I'm probably not going to. So for DPP Day 8, I'm not going to have any photos to post, and probably won't for days 9-25 either, unless, of course, Mr. Aaron Rice kicks it up a notch and either helps me look for the camera or surprises me with a Daniel recommended camera. If not, we will be taking pictures of Clark on my phone, which is pretty terrible. Therefore, Aaron, its up to you. I'll support you in whatever you do, unless you continue ignore the fact that we don't have an adequate way of documenting history. In that case, I'll take matters into my own hands, and I'm not sure you or our savings account will smile about that.

I was told by my doctor this morning that because I'm 37 weeks (almost) pregnant, it is safe to say that Clark could literally come at any point. Maybe even tonight. Maybe in February. Who knows. So that got me thinking real hard about the details concerning show time. Since I will most likely be in the hospital for two nights, one thought that kept popping up in my head all day was "Oh gosh. What pajamas am I supposed to wear in the hospital?" Petty it may be, but I certainly couldn't dismiss it. They have to be comfortable and MUST be cute and strategic in a baby-feeding machine kind of way. Since I've never had an overnight stay in a hospital (besides that time I lived in one for two months in Washington D.C.), or should I say I've never been a patient in a hospital (knock on wood), I really have no clue how to pack.

So I spent a hefty amount of time shopping around Oxford and was extremely unimpressed. I didn't want any frumpy flannel pj's or anything cheesy with cartoons or hearts plastered all over them. I didn't know what size to get because I just know I'm going to lose every single pound of baby weight the second Clark is on the outside. That's a big, joke. Big, big joke. From what I hear, I'm going to look like I'm still about six months pregnant when I leave and maybe even several weeks afterwards. That's fine with me, but makes it difficult to plan my pajama wardrobe.

Like I said before, Belk had nothing. JC Penny had nothing. Walmart had nothing. And those are my only options in Oxford. Panic started to set in earlier as I realized I was going to have to wear Aaron's pajama pants (as I have been doing for the past four months). And then a little light bulb went off above my head and I started shopping online. Even though I currently cringe at even the thought of Victoria Secret given my current physical condition, they offer a huge selection of great flannel pajamas that lack any cheesiness. And, to put a giant cherry on top, they come with FREE slippers that match them. My motto has always been if its free, give me three. So that is exactly what I did. I ordered three sets of flannels and got my three free slippers. How perfect for a two night hospital stay? My only predicament is that they may take about eight days to get here, so I'm going to be having chats with Clark every night about how he probably needs to continue to bake for another week and a half just so he can see my new pj's. If anybody wants to email me or send me a facebook message on other things I might want to bring to the hospital, I would very much appreciate that.

On to more important things...this Friday is my last day of work. Strange. I was going back and reading my previous blogs during my unemployed days last year, and I sure did do a lot bellyaching back then. I realize it will be different being unemployed this time around because I will be trying my hardest to keep a baby happy and healthy, but its still going to be so odd not getting dressed up every morning and being productive in a money-making sort of way. I won't have to get out of my pajamas (that is, my new cute VS pajamas) and I probably will just nix showers altogether. For anybody who wants to come visit Clark, you have been forewarned. I may or may not continue the habit of brushing my teeth. We'll see about that. I just can't imagine what its going to be like not working. I'm so excited about getting to spend more time with Aaron and being a good wife that cooks (kind of) and cleans (kind of). In my head, I have this image of me in an apron and Aaron will come home from class and I have an ice cold beer and a deluxe dinner waiting on him every single day, although I'm sure that's far from reality. He'll be on his own for a while, kind of how its been for the past five years. But he is a true sport.

Let's talk more about Aaron. He is right smack in the middle of final exams, and while he should be nose deep in a book labeled "Corporations," he is sauteeing mushrooms for me. What a man. He has already taken one exam and has four more scattered throughout the next two weeks. He is studying like a madman. His study habits are pretty odd, to say the least. For some reason, he is most productive in the wee hours of the morning. So, for the past week or so, he has been completely nocturnal. He sleeps during the afternoon and starts studying right before dinner, and he is usually still wide awake, although slightly delirious from the twelve cups of coffee has consumed throughout the night, when I wake up in the morning. I don't understand it, and I've quit trying to understand it, but it works for him so I keep my mouth shut. He will go back to being normal the day of his last exam, but until then, suffice it to say I am having to deal with seeing Aaron for about ten minutes per day. Woe is me.

I'm so ready for these dang exams to end so that Aaron can climb up in the attic and get my Crimma tree and my shoebox full of Crimma decorations. I don't want to bother him with these mundane tasks now, and I don't think the pull down latter to the attic will hold me anymore, so I'm just having to wait. But when these exams are over, Aaron can (and will) help me with the final touches on the nursery, and deep cleaning the entire house for that matter, and if he mutters one word about not wanting to do something I ask him to, so help me God, he will pay. I have waited patiently and silently for December 16th (day of last exam) and I will not back down. Also, if we are on our way to the hospital and I ask him if he packed the camera, and he says "I never found it" or "I never got us a new one," he can just take his packed belongings and go live elsewhere. And that IS a threat, Aaron Rice.

I'm going to end this post with just one more little fact:This past weekend, I installed the car seat complete with Mr. Dangles in Aaron's truck, and yes, he has been driving around with it since Saturday. I'm sure he looks and feels like a complete tool driving around Oxford, Mississippi with a stuffed monkey buckled into a car seat in his backseat, but he's dealing with it. So sweet.

I've actually got so much more in my head, but now comes the point in the night where things start getting blurry and the sandman is tempting me to fall asleep. And its 8:11 p.m. How impressive. I'll continue the December Photo-less Project tomorrow.

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Megan said...

I can't wait! I hope I get to see you in your new pj's! Love you!