Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm sorry, but I have more pictures.

This is getting out of hand. I have got to stop. For some reason I feel like the whole world must be as excited as I am to see new pictures of Clark. I'm pretty sure no one, except the grandparents maybe, cares that Clark made a new facial expression, or that he chewed on a toy, or that he pooped again. Seriously. I have a problem. So I've decided it might not be that annoying if I write a brief explanation under each picture to describe why I think these pictures are especially great. Bear with me one more time.

This picture above is special because Clark is sporting a lovely little ensemble worn by my brother Chase when he was a few months old, which means this outfit is about 27 years old. I think I waited too long to dress Clark in this because the overalls look more like capris and his belly was bulging out the middle, but it was still very cute. At this rate, if I waited until tomorrow to dress him up in this, it would have been way too small. I had great intentions of taking him out in public to showcase this cute little outfit, but sure enough he chose to blowout a diaper as I was getting ready. I'm assuming the diaper was not properly put on, which would have been my fault since I was the last one who changed him, because a hefty amount of poo spilled out the back of the diaper and all over Chase's little overalls. Sorry, Chase. I'll wash them and give them back to you next time I see you.

Somehow Clark and Aaron have managed to sync their wardrobes, because at two months old, Clark already has a substantial amount of Ralph Lauren Polo clothing. You'll never see Aaron in any shirt that is not a RL Polo. In the picture above, Clark is sporting some Polo pants and a shirt, and I think he looks like Aaron's mini me. I'm not sure if Aaron would ever wear Uggs, but who knows. When we received this little outfit as a gift, I remember thinking that it would be an eternity until Clark would fit into it, but here he is at two months old and its already a little snug.

I know this picture above is no different than the other three million pictures on this blog, but I love it because it really shows how crazy his hair is these days. I've read that babies hair is most likely to fall out between 2-4 months of age, and when it grows back it will probably be a different color and texture. So if that does happen to Clark, I want to remember his crazy baby hair like this. I wash his hair with Head and Shoulders because Johnson's Baby Shampoo just wasn't cutting it.

Clark can hold things now. Wowza. While every other person on this planet could not give a flying poo about this random milestone in Clark's life, I think its simply amazing. So much so that on many occasions, I have woken Aaron up to say "Look babe! He's holding a toy! Can you believe it!?" He didn't seem quite as impressed as I was. But I think Clark is quickly approaching the stage in life where everything within arms reach will go directly to his mouth for him to slobber all over. He's also about to start wearing a bib during every second of the day because he thinks its hilarious to blow spit bubbles, which is cute and all, but going through four onesies a day is probably not very economical.

I'm still doing that crazy psycho thing where I sneak into his room and take pictures of Clark while he sleeps. I wonder if I will do this until he goes to college. That would be creepy, but don't underestimate me. I probably will, and at his rehearsal dinner before his wedding I'll put together a slideshow of all the pictures I've ever taken of him in his sleep. I will be THAT mom. There is just something so calming and peaceful about this baby when he sleeps!

Thats all for now. You should be grateful that I won't post all 215 pictures I took yesterday of Clark in the exact same pose. In just a few years, he's going to think I'm the weirdest person in the world, but I doubt that will stop me from carrying my camera with me to every room just in case.

4 comments: said...

youd better not ever stop taking all these pictures, because I am LOVING them. If I can't hang out with him every day, this is the next best thing!

Liz T. said...

I loooooooooove looking at these photos of him...he is SO adorable! I agree with Nikki - please continue taking all these photos! I always get excited when you post more, haha!

Katie A. said...

I agree....I love reading your blog posts and seeing his pictures. Maybe it's because I'm not quite ready for my own yet, so I'm living vicariously through everyone else and watching their babies and hearing about their milestones!

Hannah said...

I can comment now! I think I could before but I didn't realize that... Anyway, please don't stop making this blog a constant flow of Clark pictures... include me in the people who want to know about his facial expressions and poop.
Love y'all!