Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beloved Sleep. You are my best friend.

For some strange, crazy awesome reason that I cannot figure out, Clark has been cranking out 10-12 hours of sleep for the past two weeks. I'm not doing anything different, it just happened out of nowhere. He goes to bed at 7:30 and wakes up anywhere between 6-7:30 the next morning. I kind of miss getting up at 3 am and doing the zombie walk from my room to his. THAT'S A LIE. I thoroughly enjoy my nine or more hours of sleep and I lovingly embrace and cherish my dreams.

Should I be overly optimistic and hope that this is permanent? Hmm...

If only I could teach Clark how to not freak out and have a meltdown in public when he gets tired. It would be so lovely for him to fall asleep in his car seat when we are out and about, but that is not happening these days. He cries at a very loud volume and I make a mad dash toward the nearest exit. That happened at Belk yesterday and I had to leave all the clothes on the floor of the dressing room because I was scared people were cursing me and judging me. And I never, repeat NEVER, leave clothes in a dressing room. I am open to suggestions on how to prevent these types of situations. How can I keep Clark from fighting naps like they are the devil?

But I'm certainly not complaining about night time. After about 100 days of consecutively seeing the 3:00 a.m. hour, I can proudly say that he sleeps through the night. And because I said that out loud, I'm pretty sure that Clark will wake up 20 times tonight and point and laugh at me. We'll see.

Also, he is only pooping once every three days. I hope that is normal.


holly said...


If you read "Healthy sleep habits, happy baby" Dr. Weisbluth will tell you sleeping in the carseats is pretty much a no-no. I take abby with me when I need to because sometimes you just need to get things done, but according to him, you either leave the sleep habits alone and to the crib, or you can pretty much count on forgoing the nap! I think I have to agree with him. Abby will sleep, but not that long, restful, awesome nap she does in her crib. And kudos to the 12 hours of sleep! We sleep through the night, but not 7-7, that's amazing and I can't WAIT for that day to come!!! Isn't it funny how there is always something you are working on? First it was nursing, then you want them to sleep longer, than sleep through the night, then better naps on the go...I wonder if it ever ends? P.S. the poop every 3 days is normal for breastfed babies as long as the poop he does have is soft and not constipated looking. Breastmilk is so efficient that babies have a way of using it all up so there isn't any waste sometimes! Keep your hilarious posts and adorable pics coming!

Jimbo and Rach said...

Sleeping 12 hours a night...I wish I could do that! If you think Clark will be mad at you one day for posting pictures of his butt all over the internet...wait till he finds out you were talking about his poop too!

Hannah said...

Kelly- I love the new layout! And I'm so glad Clark is sleeping through the night and then some... Congratulations!

Liz T. said...

I love the new layout, I'd LOVE to make jewelry together, and I want to see you soon! Picnic? txt me sometime if you want to do something :) Maybe the 5 of us can catch some dinner sometime after exams are over! :)