Saturday, May 22, 2010

Status update.

I skipped Clark's four month update. I feel like a complete turd about it because his fourth month of life has by far been the funnest (not a word, I know) and most awesome month so far. After spending a grand total of 30 seconds in Oxford over the past 30 days, my blog was the first to go. There was zero time. I have so much to write about and SO many pictures to post, but now that I'm approaching month number five in just about a week or so, I guess I'll just combine the two and hope to do them justice. Be patient, my friends, because its going to be a good one. Unless of course I skip number five too, and in that case I'll just bury my head in shame.

My blog is going to be vacated over the next six weeks or so and its Aaron's fault. He recently accepted a position to be a summer clerk for a law firm down on the coast. We're pretty excited about it. We've signed a short term lease on a one bedroom condo that is across the street from the beach, and you can bet your bottom dollar that Clark and I will take up residence in that oily sand the day we get there. The bad news is that the condo does not have internet, so if I ever want to get online, I'll have to walk down the street to Waffle House. It's a great opportunity for Arnie, and I love nothing more than to bury my toes in the sand and perhaps drink a margarita or two while staring out at the ocean. Or the Gulf of Mexico. So the Aaron Rice family will be treating the next month and a half as an extended family vacation. And hopefully we'll come back to Oxford and show off our slammin' suntans. I'll try to tend to my blog in between sunburns and crawfish, but don't get too excited.

A fruit fly has been buzzing around my head the entire time I've been sitting at the table writing this and I'm about to go find a shotgun to try to kill it. Every time I try to sneak up to it with my flip flop to try to smash it to smithereens, it stealthily flies away and lands on another part of my body. Sneaky little bugger.

I'm out. But I'm going to leave you with this to chew on until I get back:

Props to Huwe for his photographic geniusness in this photo. It was not photoshopped or edited...Clark really is that perfect.

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The Trobough's said...

POO! No blogging for six weeks? I guess I'll try and not get too jealous of you.... Have fun!