Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Game time.

Aaron and I like to play a little game. It doesn't have a name yet, and I'm open to suggestions. Its really fun, especially if you are me.

Here's how we play. We simply start talking about the same topics as usual, such as politics, current events, history, government, the Constitution, the law, police officers, war, and you probably get the point by now. And we keep talking about it (by 'we', I mean Aaron). And keep talking. And keep talking until there is literally nothing left about the topic to discuss. We have talked it dry. We have covered every possible facet of the topic and then some. We (Aaron) have even used our (his) reliable resources (Wikipedia) to further our point several times.

Three hours into the conversation, Aaron throws out the most random, never used, could possibly be made up, ridiculous word I have ever heard and I challenge him on the word (just to make him think I was listening the whole time). He says "Do you really want to play this game?" And I very confidently say, "That's not a word. I've never even heard it." He asks again, but this time he draws it out, "Are you suuuure you want to play this game?" And sometimes throws in a witty, turd-like comment such as "Have you ever won this game?" And I say something along the lines of, "You're a turd."

Aaron walks out of the room. I savor a couple seconds of silence. Sweet, sweet silence.

Aaron comes back in the room with his laptop in hand and props himself and the laptop next to me so I cannot move. He goes to, types in the word, and before he says anything, he clicks on the little megaphone option and lets me hear the robot woman pronounce the word in question. I look at Aaron, and he is beaming, because he knows he won. For the second time since the beginning of the game, I call him a turd. And then Aaron proceeds to read the definition of the word, put it in context from the way he used it during the original conversation, and then repeatedly press the megaphone button so I can hear the robot woman say the word at least 15 times.

And then he asks, "What did you think was going to happen?"

I reply, "You're such a turd."

Game over.

Here's the thing about this game - I've never won. But I continue to play in hopes of victory one day.


Lindsay Howell said...

hahaha this made my day. Yall are so cute!

Anonymous said...

possibly my favorite post of all time because it perfectly sums up the Rices.
And I'm pretty sure the name of that game is called "Youre a turd."

Haley said...

Yep. I think you should just start calling it Turd. And I suspect you keep playing just for those two seconds of sweet silence. Hilarious!