Monday, October 25, 2010


Last weekend, Clark and I joined my mom, my aunt, and about five thousand other people in Jackson to walk a 5k geared to raise awareness of breast cancer and raise money for research. This event is awesome and if anybody reading this lives within at least 90 miles of Jackson, I strongly encourage you to buck up and walk next year. I know I will walk it again. It is quite an experience.

It was honestly a little overwhelming to be surrounded by thousands of women in pink, most of whom were breast cancer survivors, including my mom. Its a good thing I was wearing huge sunglasses because they were hiding my tears the entire morning. It made me so proud to be my mom's daughter. And it made me want to be like her even more than I already did. She fought her battle with such grace and beauty and I was so proud to walk alongside her for 3.2 miles that day.

The weather was absolutely perfect. Downtown Jackson was a sea of pink tights and tutus and high spirited women who boldly shared their survivor stories. Oh and there were port-a-potties, but the women in my family do not use those things, so we had to take a detour into the lobby of the beautiful Marriott hotel to use the bathroom. And because we had to be bathroom snob divas, we were pretty much the last ones to cross the finish line. But that was ok with me because I got to spend at least an hour in great conversation with my mom and aunt, and that does not happen enough. And Clark enjoyed the walk too, but only for the first 10 minutes. And then he got sick of strolling and we had to take turns carrying him to the finish line.

I will most certainly do this next year, and so will you. And now that I know the name of the game, I will spend this year gathering pink tutus, tights, headbands, cowboy boots, tattoos, chandelier earrings, and of course I'll get Clark decked out in pink as well. And I'll do my best to raise money because I think in this particular case, every dollar counts.

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