Monday, October 11, 2010

We are easy to make fun of.

I can't think of a more inefficient way to load the dishwasher. I tried.

Clark viewed my being in a huge rush to load the dishwasher (because I desperately needed to clean my kitchen before we had company) as a prime opportunity to hone his climbing skills, turning what should have been a three minute activity to a twenty minute test of my patience.

But it was still cute.

Cute enough for us to get a few pictures.

Which makes me kind of glad we purchased this.

It's kind of ridiculous. I'm slightly embarrassed to show the world what we have recently constructed in our house as a result of an extremely rowdy nine month old who likes to explore every nook and cranny of his home. Last week we gave in and purchased this monstrosity of a playpen.

The good news is Clark really loves this thing. He can entertain himself for a solid hour or two and really enjoys being held captive in it. I just throw in some of my pots and pans, the whisk attachment from my mixer, a couple of tupperware tops, and he is set for life. This makes cleaning, cooking, and all of life in general about 175% easier.

The bad news, if it isn't completely obvious, is that our living room looks like a tacky Chuck E Cheese replica and no matter how hard I try, our house always looks messy. There might not be a speck of dust in the entire house, and every other square inch of the house is surprisingly spotless, but it still always looks like poop because of the huge, tacky baby cage awkwardly placed in the living room. This bothers me pretty bad, but when I weigh the pros and cons, the baby cage wins. It can easily fit about 45 kids in it, so feel free to bring yours over and cage him up for an hour or so. And while you're here, you can lie to me and tell me I haven't completely lost my mind.

And this weekend, Clark got to spend some time hanging out with my dad, also known as Pops, and his wife Jan. Pops took Clark bear hunting in the backyard, and even though they didn't catch one this time, it kept Clark entertained for a few minutes and let me unload my dishwasher in peace. So thank you for that, Daddy. Clark loves you and so do I.

And here is the latest shot of Clark snoozing. Many of these type of photos to come in the near future.


Liz T. said...

I don't blame you one bit!! My mom had a playpen and put us in it a lot ha ha!

hannah said...

Man, Kelly, every single one of these pictures makes me want to move to Oxford and be Clark's functional nanny. This would be a great plan, except that my husband lives in Nashville and I bet I would miss him, too.