Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Eating his way through life.

Clark has yet to grow out of the exploratory stage in which anything within an arm's reach goes straight into his mouth for approval or rejection. The picture below is my weekly grocery list that I mistakenly left on the coffee table and became subject to the wrath of a curious Clark the Shark. This isn't unusual by any means, but I had to smile this time because he strategically bit off the corner of the list where I wrote "Clark food" and ate it for a mid afternoon snack.

Dear Clark,

I will never let you go hungry. I will always feed you. There is no need to be passive aggressive about it.



Deb said...

Kelly! Are you always up so early? Feeding "The Shark"? This post is adorable! Love you, Gam

Liz T. said...

hahaha! oh my goodness that is really funny! :)