Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Photo Project: Day 2 (I couldn't choose one, so I posted 7)

This happens everyday in our house.

Jake is minding his own business and chewing up one of Clark's toys when out of nowhere he gets attacked by a giant baby who tries to take the toy away from him by grabbing it with his mouth.

They go back and forth playing an intense game of tug of war with the toy using only their mouths. Clark does not back down. Neither does Jake.

Then they share a moment. An open mouthed moment. Some of you might think this is gross. If so, you are in the same camp as Aaron. But I can't prevent this from happening 87 times everyday so I just let it be. It's also a disturbing picture because now that Jake is shaved down to his skin, he looks like an oversized white sewer rat. Its a good thing we waited to shave him until the weather dropped down to 20 degrees.

Clark won the battle, but not the war. He holds up his trophy in sweet victory.

He taunts Jake by rubbing it in his face, quite literally.

When Clark least expects it, Jake retaliates by licking him to the ground and waits for him to release the toy so he can take it to another room and chew on it in peace.

They eventually come to a truce and agree to not declare a winner.
They sit together and Clark explains to Jake that all the cool kids wear one orange sock and one black one.

The End.


Deb said...

Looks like Jake sure loves having a brother! They are both so handsome!

Paul and Emily said...

Love this! Too cute :)