Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Photo Project: Day 1

After posting this, I need to prepare myself to be labeled as the Ultimate Scrooge of 2010.

I know I am about to blaspheme this holiday, but...get ready...I'm just going to say it...we are not putting up a Christmas tree or even one Christmas decoration in our house. I know I just lost at least 100 friends on Facebook and some might even call me worse names than Scrooge just at the mere thought of no Christmas tree on Clark's first Christmas. But I'm not willing to put forth the energy of repeating "No Clark, don't touch (fill in the blank)" about three thousand more times a day than I already do. A huge sparkly Christmas tree full of breakable ornaments and lights that he would love to digest does not sound like the most Clark-friendly decision at this point in our lives. Also the fact that we won't even be home on Christmas day doesn't motivate me to lug the gigantic tree down from the attic and spend hours untangling lights while trying to keep Clark from completely freaking out at all the shiny new non-edible Christmas novelties. And if we did the whole Christmas tree shindig, I'm sure history would repeat itself and the dadgum thing would stay up until it was time to put our house up for sale and potential buyers would think we were freaks.

But don't curse me or flip me the bird quite yet. I decorated the outside of the house as if we were going to party like its 1999, so at least from the outside, we look like we could fit in with the Clark Griswold family. If you don't know who Clark Griswold is, don't ever let me know or I will dismiss you from my memory.

I actually can't take credit for the lights because I didn't even lift one finger. Aaron's former college roommate and best friend Austin spent a couple of hours in the 27 degree weather doing exactly what I asked and didn't curse me when I changed my mind 17 times. So for that, I thank you dearly. And so does Aaron who is beyond thrilled that he didn't have to do it.

Next year we will definitely put a tree up and go all out with all the fixins. But until Hurricane Clark calms down a bit, I'll defend our decision to the death.


Callie said...

This seems perfectly reasonable and sane to me. A wise decision.

Liz T. said...

that sounds like a good decision :) if you are sad you don't have a tree, I did buy an adorable tiny table-size tree that may even fit on a mantle or shelf high up for my studio! But I think you are fine without one of course :) Your house looks AWESOME!