Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Guess what. This is my 200th post. That means anybody who has read this blog from the first post until now has wasted approximately 1,000 minutes of their lives. I do apologize. I wish I could say this post is going to be a doozy, but its just not.

All I want to do in this post is direct everybody's attention to Hannah's blog. We recently traveled to Nashville to spend the weekend with her and Daniel and I will certainly be documenting that trip here in the very near future. It was a blast. And guess what I did not do the entire time we were there? Take a picture. But in the meantime, please watch the videos she posted of me whooping up on Aaron on the Wii and the one of Clark eating his first sushi.

Speaking of Clark, he's not sleeping a whole lot these days. Speaking of sleep, I'm not doing much of it either as a result. Speaking of me, I'm always tired. Speaking of Aaron, he's cute.

P.S. In the Wii video, I'm wearing Ashley's adoption tshirt. I would like everyone to purchase one here to help her and her hubs bring their baby home.


Aaron said...

Yeah, whooping up on me, except for that part where I won.

Annalee said...

haha. i just died out laughing. you & aaron look JUST like me and chad playing wii. i'm swinging hysterically & he's just standing there barely flipping his remote.

Audrey said...

I really enjoyed those videos. I wish I could have been there with y'all.
I'm so glad Clark likes sushi.