Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Farewell, morning nap.

It appears that Clark recently made the decision to drop his morning nap. After two weeks of fighting him for several hours every single morning, it's pretty clear he has no interest in a morning nap anymore. Nobody is more sad about this than me, because I protected that nap with my life. I treasured it. It was my friend. It was during this time that I either took a nice little nap myself or I bathed, and I can't imagine how much my life is going to change now that my 90 minutes of morning peacetime has been ripped right out of my hands. The whole thing really saddens me and also stresses me out. I'm sad because that is just another piece of tangible evidence that he's getting older. I remember (cliche: like it was yesterday) when he taking four good naps a day and now he's just taking one? How did that happen? Anyway, now I'm going to start the painful process of restructuring our day to figure out exactly when the solo nap is going to be. The name of the game is trial and error, I guess. I was hoping to not have to deal with this for at least a few more months, but Clark had other plans. So I guess I'll roll with it and quit my bellyaching.

You know what really bothers me? So much so that I want to throw a temper tantrum every time it happens? When drivers do not turn right on red. Seriously, it is becoming one of my biggest pet peeves, even more than when somebody asks me if I'm in a bad mood or keeps their hands in their pockets. Why would one not take advantage of the right on red system? I'm pretty sure our forefathers knew what they were talking about when they invented it, so why spit in their faces? Please, do me a gigantic favor, and because you feel sorry for me that I will never take a morning nap again, please turn right on red. Always. It's important to me and every other driver in America and any other country that implements this brilliant system. Thanks.

And I'd like to end this post by sharing a story that happened this afternoon after Clark took his only nap of the day. I needed to kill some time so I buckled Clarkimus into the car and headed to...the car wash. Sounds exciting, right? Imagine with me, if you will, about how awesome it must be to experience an automatic car wash for the first time. Clark must have thought it was the coolest thing he'd ever seen in all 14 months of his life because he put his game face on and kept it on for a solid five minutes. I tried to use my phone to video it but my phone happens to be a gigantic piece of poop and I've been lobbying Arnie to get me a new one for a long time. But that is not the story I mentioned earlier. In an effort to keep him distracted until dinner time, when we got home I took him outside in the backyard, gave him a ball, and let him frolic around for a while. Eventually that got old to him, so I took the ball and threw it up on the roof and let it fall back down to the ground. Clark thought it was pretty funny and let out a chuckle or two. The second time I threw it on the roof, I managed to angle it perfectly towards Clark's face, because that is exactly where it landed. And seriously, the ball slammed onto his face. I had just smacked my son in the face with a ball. He looked at me with the most disgusted expression possible, and then had a two minute freak out, and then wanted me to do it again. He's pretty great like that. If I ever smack you in the face, I hope you will forgive me in the same way.


The Trobough's said...

Love the ball story....I'm sure my little drama queen would have had a different reaction!
And let me tell you this....Ohio road laws are C-R-A-Z-Y. There are signs on a few stop lights that tell you you can't turn right on red. It's stupid. I don't it anyway....dumb rules.

Kyle, Jessie, and Parker said...

Ok, I need to head to the car wash now. Thanks for the great idea!! Btw, I love your blog!