Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Fashion Edition.

Clark doesn't own one smocked outfit. Nothing he wears, or has ever worn in his entire life, is monogrammed with his initials. In fact, almost all of his threads can be found at Target, Walmart, or Baby Gap (but only when they are having a HUGE sale). I'm not opposed to smocks or monograms or all of the froo froo that accompanies baby clothes, but I'm certainly not going to pay more for Clark's clothes than I would my own. So even though he's not going to be featured on the cover of any fritzy children's boutique magazine, I try to do the best with what I've got.

This is Clark's usual Sunday attire.
I also call it his "It's Been A Long Day At The Office" look:

Shoes: Toys R Us ($7.00)
Pants: Target ($5.00)
Shirt: Walmart ($5.00)

This is his typical loungewear attire.
He likes to sport the no-pants look for comfort reasons.

Shirt that features all the coolest superheroes: Target ($5.00)
Pants: free
Socks: Walmart (6 pairs for $5.00)

Clark's activewear.
Any shirt that has a plane on it gets two thumbs up.

Shirt: Target ($5.00)
Pants: Target ($5.00)
New Balance kicks: They are probably expensive, but they were a gift and Clark wears them every single day.

This is Clark's "My Dad Dressed Me Today" look:
(His dad dressed him. Which explains the blinding tackiness.)

Camo fleece hat with ears: Walmart ($4.00)
Shirt with Snoopy on it: Baby Gap ($3.00 on the sale rack)
Pants: I have no idea where these are from. Probably Walmart, which means they are less than $5.00.
Shoes: Toys R Us ($7.00)

Unfortunately, I have a feeling Clark will not be receiving the "Best Dressed" Award in his toddler years. However, I do believe he has a good shot at the "Cutest And Most Awesome Kid On Earth" Award.

That's all for now. I'm getting ready to post another Game Face video that is sure to make you smile.


Deb said...

I could just melt!!! Such cuteness!

jennings said...

Kelly, he is sooo adorable! And he is getting so big- i love these pics!