Thursday, September 20, 2012

And so begins the mindless posts about nothing important at all.

Today was one out of two of my favorite days of the week. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Clark gets to go to school from 9:00 to 2:00 and I can do whatever I want/need to without having to worry about toddler tantrums or meltdowns over some crazy nonsense like not having enough goldfish in the car at any given second. Griffin is not to that point...yet.

We always start off these days on a really good foot because Clark loves school days. I'm curious to know how long this love for education will last. In my later school days I faked sick many a times to skip out on at least first period. I wonder if my mom knows that. But I guess since Clark's school essentially consists of him playing with a ton of kids his age for a solid five hours with a few bible stories and lessons on letters and numbers scattered throughout the day, he has no reason to want to play hooky yet. 

This morning, like every other morning, began with Clark feeding Griffin his daily dose of applesauce. This process never really goes well and applesauce always ends up in somebody's hair, but the extra cleanup is totally worth the laughs and giggles that come from it. This also explains the sticky floor around this specific portion of the breakfast area, just in case you happen to notice if you come to my house. 

It is also part of our morning ritual for Clark to watch two or three episodes of Curious George while I run around the house putting random things in his backpack and throwing anything that is considered edible in his lunchbox. I am impressed with what I put together for his lunch today. Ham and cheese sandwich, grapes, yogurt, and fruit snacks. And much to my surprise, he ate his entire lunch which happens once every two years. Moving on....

Watching Curious George. If you ever get the chance to hear Clark pronounce the word 'Curious' you are in for a big treat. 
Griffin joined in and Clark had to get in trouble because he started licking him. 
My friend Amy lives in the neighborhood right behind ours and her son, Jackson, goes to the same Mothers Morning Out program as Clark. Clark and Jackson go waaaay back. They have been hanging out together since before they were born and the rest is history. So we set up a sweet carpool arrangement in which she picks Clark up on Thursday mornings and I bring Jackson home in the afternoon. This means I get to stay in my pajamas until at least 9:00 a.m. and I am a better person for that reason.

Amy crams three kids in the back of her car and they cheese it up for the camera. 
Once Clark leaves and I have two seconds to breathe in peace, Old Man Grif and I get ready for the day. Tell me this: is there anything more awesome than seeing a nine month old in New Balances? I think not.

Griffin and I loaded up in the car and went all over this town running errands and doing whatever the heck we felt like doing. I went to the gym and let Grif play in the nursery and afterwards we met Liz and her kiddo Michael (who is nothing if not a gigantic and awesome almost six month old baby) and Amy and her baby girl Callie. We talked about everything and nothing and since all of our husbands are new attorneys, we got to have a group discussion/bellyaching session on the woes of how much our husbands have to work these days. It was awesome and refreshing.

When Clark got home from school, we had a one hour long fight about him taking a nap. Eventually, he actually did it. He fell asleep, took a decent almost two hour nap, but woke up in a HORRIFIC mood. Horrible I tell you. There was fire coming out of his ears as he screamed at the world and he was something out of a horror movie. I thought surely he would cheer up when we got to my friend Rachael's house so he could play with Hunter, her sweet blond haired two year old. Rachael and I have been playing together since we were about three years old. I may not be good at much in this life, but I sure do know how to keep some long term good friends.  Anyway, Clark pouted pretty much the entire time we visited. Oh well. We win some, we lose some.
Hunter got a sweet new ride for his birthday a couple of weeks ago. 
That pretty much sums up our day. The only part I left out was when a nice old man came by my house this evening to ask about the Camry we have for sale. He offered $500 less than what we were asking and proceeded to pull out a huge wad of hundred dollar bills. But Aaron and I stuck to our guns and declined the offer and hopefully we don't regret this decision tomorrow. Speaking of selling cars, since we have never had to do this before, I am wondering...once we actually do sell it to that special somebody, what happens next? How do you switch the title over?

That's it for today. Tomorrow I am packing the kids up and taking them to Hattiesburg where they get to spend the weekend with Geez and Gam, and Aaron and I are heading to the wild west (Texas) to attend a wedding. Two thumbs up for a fun road trip with the hubs. Two thumbs down that he is going to be working the entire eight hour drive. Oh well. I'll take what I can get.

Happy weekend, y'all.

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