Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This is me venting.

I am honestly beginning to think I am going to live in Oxford for three entire years and be unemployed the entire time. How embarrassing. I think I have exhausted all of my options: hospitals, doctors offices, law firms, the university, and I could go on and on. Even though I have a degree and great experience, I will be a secretary, receptionist, or assistant to anybody - I just want a job. I spend hours every single morning searching every job website and newspaper just hoping something will pop up that wasn't there yesterday. No such luck. If I'm doing something wrong, somebody please let me know! The only thing I am avoiding like the plague is anything concerning retail. I worked in retail stores on and off for 6 years before I graduated college, and it is just not for me.

What I am learning to accept is that I must have chosen the wrong field to pursue in college. Why the heck did I not try to do something medical? There are billions of opportunities in Oxford to be a physical therapist, nurse, pharmacist, or heart surgeon. I could have tried a little harder in high school and done something pre-med related in college. Every city in the world needs nurses. Why did I have to choose such a vague path? Hello, I am a public relations "practitioner." Seriously, nobody knows what that means, and I am beginning to forget.

Wow, I just read those two paragraphs and realized that I am negative Nancy today. Sorry. I'm going to find something to keep me busy. I promise the next post will not be this disappointing.

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Nikki said...

I will hire you to come and move me from house A to house B (whenever we figure out where house B is). Your job description will also include keeping me sane at all times, finishing my schoolwork for this semester, packing me for the Philippines, and handling all relations with my family.
Oh, and you will be paid in rocks because I am broke.